Marshon Lattimore - A Two-Way Threat Similar to Past Ohio State Star Chris Gamble

Marshon Lattimore - A Two-Way Threat Similar to Past Ohio State Star Chris Gamble

Marshon Lattimore - A Two-Way Threat Similar to Past Ohio State Star Chris Gamble

Marshon Lattimore from Glenville, Ohio is one of the top rated wide receiver/defensive back prospects in the country. He plays football for Glenville high school which has been a great source of players for the Ohio State Buckeyes in the past. He is a very good wide receiver but he is an outstanding defensive back who is currently considered the fifth best cornerback in the country.

He would be a great player for the Ohio State Buckeyes because of his great 4.48 speed in the forty yard dash, his quickness, his ability to break on the ball and his good hands.

The Buckeyes do have a couple advantages in the recruiting battle because one of his current high school teammates, standout offensive guard Marcelys Jones, has already committed to Ohio State. Also, its no secret that Marcus Lattimore and teammate Erick Smith, the safety for Glenville high school are considering going to school together and the prospect of the three players attending Ohio State as a threesome has been a topic of conversation.

Marshon is interested in visiting schools from the Big 10, the Pac 12 and the SEC. From his conversations it seems like he will be making all of his five official visits during the September to December official school visiting period. However, he also noted that he intends to make some unofficial visits during the summer to interested schools. His list is extensive as he intends to again visit Ohio State, Michigan, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisville, Michigan, USC and Oregon.

Marshon is very much an Urban Meyer type of player both in terms of physical ability and mental toughness. This young man does not follow the crowd. He explained that while he enjoyed meeting with coach Meyer he is going to pick the school which fits him best and as a result he will be making all of his visits.

He has expressed a willingness to play wide receiver if his team needs him to play that position but he definitely seems to prefer playing the position of cornerback.

Marshon Lattimore in his interviews expressed an appreciation for coach Meyer and that is one thing that the Buckeyes have in their favour.
He intends to make his decision at the US Army All-American Bowl in January. Its likely going to be a decision that will be between Ohio State, Alabama, USC and Oregon but consider Louisville to also be a consideration. We are definitely in consideration to get this very good player but we have competition. Fortunately, our leader, coach Meyer, has proven very capable of convincing talented players that they can become great players and great men by being taught by him and his coaching staff.

Marshon wants to play cornerback and he wants to play as soon as possible. For that reason don't be surprised if he picks the Buckeyes, especially if we win the Big Ten once again in 2013.

Glenville ATH Marshon Lattimore Interview
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