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Faheem Delane: Rising Star in the World of College Football

In the college football game, some names emerge as game-changers early in the recruiting process. Faheem Delane, the 5-star safety from Our Lady Good Counsel High School in Olney, Maryland, is such a name. His ability on the field and potential impact at the next level have drawn attention from top colleges across the country.

Faheem Delane Ohio State Safety for 2025

Top Rated Safety for 2025

Delane is a top-ranked safety in the class of 2025. He has a set of skills that combine coverage ability, hard-hitting tackles, and excellent ball instincts. Becoming a coveted prospect for college coaches over the past few months. Let's dive into what makes Faheem Delane a game-changer in the class.

Key Attributes

1. Versatility

First off, versatility is his middle name. Whether he's locking down the secondary, shutting down tight ends, or crashing the line to stop the run, Delane's got skills for days. Reading offenses like a seasoned vet, he's a coach's dream in any defensive scheme.

2. Physicality

At 195 pounds, Delane isn't shy with making tackles in the run-game. He's known for hard hits that disrupt passing plays and make running backs think twice. Get ready to see some fireworks in the run defense for whichever college secures his signature.

3. Ball Skills

When it comes to intercepting passes or forcing fumbles, Delane's got a knack for it. His ball skills are top-notch, with a talent for tracking the ball, breaking on passes, and creating game-changing turnovers.

Recruitment Rumble

Right now, Delane's got a whopping 30 scholarship offers on the table. While many are betting on Ohio State or Maryland as his potential landing spots, the competition is fierce. Big names like Alabama, Oregon, and Florida are also in the mix, trying to sway this standout player their way.

Visits and Offers

Delane's spring visits are generating buzz. He's set to explore programs like Texas and Colorado. The Longhorns and Buffaloes hope to sway him, but the allure of playing in the Horseshoe or representing his home state could prove decisive.

The Choice Ahead

With the 2025 recruiting cycle in full swing, all eyes are on Faheem Delane. Where will he decide to showcase his skills? Buckeye fans are crossing their fingers for scarlet and gray, while Terrapin supporters are hoping to see him in Maryland colors. No matter what, Delane's decision is sure to shake up the college football landscape.

Keep it locked here for updates as this recruitment saga unfolds. Faheem Delane – remember the name, because he's a rising star destined for Saturday greatness.

2/24/2024 10:00:17 PM
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Sherrone Moore Takes the Reins in Ann Arbor, But Can He Steer Michigan Past Ohio State?

Well, Buckeye fans, the news across the state lines is hard to miss: Sherrone Moore, the young gun who started out coaching tight ends just seven years ago, is now the head honcho at That Team Up North. It's a meteoric rise, from Central Michigan to Harbaugh's right-hand man, and now the keys to the Big House are his.

Sherrone Moore

Taking over for Jim Harbaugh

Let's be honest, though. Moore's got his work cut out for him. Stepping into Harbaugh's shadow is no small feat, and while he's had some success calling plays, questions linger. Can he lead Michigan to the kind of dominance they crave, especially against the likes of, ahem, **Ohio State**?

Moore's age is a double-edged sword. On one hand, he brings a fresh perspective and energy, a break from the sometimes-stale Harbaugh era. But on the other, experience matters, and at 37, he's one of the youngest head coaches in the country.

Ohio State vs Michigan

As Buckeye fans, we should keep a close eye on Moore's progress. A resurgent Michigan, led by a young, hungry coach, could spell trouble for our championship dreams. But let's not forget, Columbus is still the heart of Big Ten football, and we've got our own young guns ready to prove themselves.

So, buckle up, Buckeyes. The rivalry just got a whole lot more interesting. And remember, no matter who's coaching in Ann Arbor, one thing remains true: **Ohio State owns the state of Ohio.**

Your thoughts, Buckeye Nation? Can Moore lead Michigan to glory, or will he be another chapter in their "Same Old Song and Dance"? Sound off in the comments!

Sherrone Moore on how he plans to run Michigan's program: 'My way!' | The Pat McAfee Show

2/3/2024 2:58:38 PM
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College football world stunned as top recruit Julian Sayin bolts Alabama!

College football just got rocked on its heels. Julian Sayin, the cream of the crop quarterback talent in 2024, took everyone by surprise when he dipped his toes in the transfer portal pool, barely weeks after enrolling early at Alabama.

Julian Sayin

This news hits like a blitz out of left field. Sayin, the five-star prodigy and consensus third-best QB in the nation, had Crimson Tide fans salivating at the prospect of his arm leading the team to glory. But before he could even unpack his playbook in Tuscaloosa, Sayin decided to explore greener pastures.

So, where does this high-flying gunslinger land next? Whispers are swirling around two big names: Ohio State and USC. Both programs would be like hitting the quarterbacking lottery, snagging a talent with a skillset as polished as a diamond.

Sayin isn't just hype, though. His senior year was a masterclass in quarterbacking. He shredded defenses, took home the MVP trophy at the Elite 11 finals, and looked every bit the confident, poised leader college coaches dream of. He's the complete package - accurate throws, pinpoint timing, and a football IQ that makes him seem like he's calling plays before the snap even happens. This year, he even unleashed his hidden athleticism, showing off some sneaky speed and the ability to escape pressure like Houdini in cleats.

1/19/2024 4:52:53 PM
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Four-Star 2025 Edge Zahir Mathis Commits to Ohio State

In the heart of Ohio State's recruiting success, the Buckeyes secured another valuable commitment on a Wednesday filled with anticipation. Zahir Mathis, a dynamic four-star edge rusher hailing from Imhotep Institute in Philadelphia, proudly declared his allegiance to the Scarlet and Gray.

Zahir Mathis

Larry Johnson Recruiting

Amidst fierce competition from powerhouse programs like Texas, Penn State, Tennessee, Florida State, and South Carolina, Mathis chose Ohio State as his future gridiron home. Larry Johnson, the maestro orchestrating the Buckeyes' defensive line development for the 2025 class, welcomed Mathis as a pivotal piece in this recruiting puzzle.

Ohio State 2025 Class

As the sixth prospect to join the prestigious 2025 class, Mathis stands alongside other talented individuals who have pledged their commitment to the Buckeyes. Tavien St. Clair, a four-star quarterback, Blake Woodby, a four-star cornerback, Jayvan Boggs, a four-star wide receiver, Eli Lee, a three-star linebacker, and the highly touted five-star cornerback Devin Sanchez make up the impressive ensemble.

1/10/2024 8:22:20 PM
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Kye Stokes: A Gridiron Journey from Ohio State to New Horizons

In the dynamic world of college football, stories of players making their mark on the field and then venturing into new territories always captivate fans. Kye Stokes, a talented safety who once donned the scarlet and gray of Ohio State, is one such athlete whose journey promises excitement and potential at the University of Cincinnati.


Early Days and Decision to Join Ohio State:

Hailing from the football-rich region of Seffner, Florida, Kye Stokes emerged as a standout four-star athlete, catching the attention of renowned programs nationwide.

Redshirt Year and Future Prospects:

Following a redshirt year in 2023, Stokes now stands at the threshold of a new chapter in his football journey. With three more seasons of eligibility awaiting him, the anticipation surrounding his future endeavors is palpable. The question on everyone's mind is: What will Kye Stokes bring to the table in the seasons to come?

Transition to the University of Cincinnati:

In a surprising yet exciting turn of events, Kye Stokes decided to take his talents to the University of Cincinnati. The decision to leave the Buckeyes, a team he had contributed to significantly, hints at new challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

His journey with Ohio State, where he was one of the first freshmen in his class to shed his black stripe during the spring of 2022, has come to an end with this transfer. Despite this early achievement, his playing time was limited and decreased even further in 2023. Stokes' transfer is part of a larger trend, with several other Ohio State defensive backs also transferring, leaving Sonny Styles as the only remaining 2022 defensive back on the Ohio State roster.

Stokes' commitment to Cincinnati marks a significant turning point for both him and the program. It will be intriguing to observe how his career unfolds from this point forward.

12/18/2023 9:24:08 PM
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From Purple to Scarlet: Gabe VanSickle's Unexpected Journey to Ohio State's 2024 Class

On Thanksgiving Day, the Ohio State Buckeyes celebrated not only the joyous occasion but also the addition of their 24th commitment to the 2024 class. Gabe VanSickle, hailing from Coopersville, Michigan, took to Twitter to announce his allegiance to Ohio State, making a surprising shift from his initial commitment to Northwestern.

In a turn of events that caught many by surprise, the 6-foot-5 offensive lineman, and former Northwestern pledge, opted for the scarlet and gray over his previous choices of Northwestern, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, and Indiana.

Gabe VanSickle

Gabe VanSickle is recognized as a four-star recruit, as per On3, a reputable recruiting evaluation service. This distinction places him among the top-tier prospects in the competitive world of college football recruiting. The four-star rating is indicative of VanSickle's exceptional skills, potential, and contributions he is expected to make at the collegiate level.

Gabe VanSickle's journey from being a Northwestern commit to joining Ohio State's 2024 class is a testament to the dynamic nature of college football recruiting. The Coopersville, Michigan native initially pledged his commitment to Northwestern, a decision that was solidified in mid-May.

In a swift turn of events, just two days after reopening his recruitment, Gabe VanSickle took to Twitter on Thanksgiving Day to announce a change of heart. Instead of donning Northwestern purple, he declared his commitment to the Ohio State Buckeyes. This unexpected shift not only surprised fans but also added a new chapter to VanSickle's football journey.

Ultimately, VanSickle's journey highlights the fluid and unpredictable nature of the recruiting process, where commitments can change, and players find the best fit for their collegiate careers. As he transitions from being a Northwestern commit to a member of Ohio State's 2024 class, Gabe VanSickle's story adds an intriguing subplot to the evolving narrative of college football recruitment.

The 283-pound interior offensive lineman out of Coopersville, Michigan, now joins the ranks of Ohio State commitments, standing alongside players like Ian Moore, Devontae Armstrong, and Deontae Armstrong in what is shaping up to be a formidable class. For VanSickle, this decision marks a significant shift in his collegiate journey, as he pivots from the Northwestern Wildcats to the Buckeyes.

As the Buckeyes continue to build a stellar 2024 class, the addition of Gabe VanSickle adds not only physical prowess but also a narrative of change and choice in the competitive landscape of college football recruiting. The scarlet and gray faithful welcome VanSickle with open arms, anticipating the impact he will bring to the team in the seasons to come.

11/24/2023 9:07:43 PM
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Devin Sanchez's Dilemma: Unveiling the Choice of the Nation's Top Cornerback in the Class of 2025

In the realm of Ohio State football prospects, Devin Sanchez emerges as a standout, currently ranked as the nation's fifth-best overall prospect and the top cornerback in the coveted 2025 class. From Houston, Texas, this imposing 6-foot-2, 170-pound defensive back is at the crossroads of a pivotal decision, with his focus squarely set on three programs: Alabama, Ohio State, and Texas A&M.


January 6th Decision Date

Mark your calendars for January 6, as that's when Sanchez will unveil his commitment during the All-American Bowl, set to broadcast live on NBC. Having garnered attention from across the nation, Sanchez stands as one of the most sought-after prospects, fielding offers from an impressive array of 33 college football programs.

Ohio State Crystal Ball

While the final decision is still a mystery, Ohio State seems to have secured the frontrunner position in the race for Sanchez. The allure of Columbus has been heightened by the presence of secondary coach Tim Walton, who boasts an impressive 11-year stint in the NFL, with his most recent three years spent with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Sanchez himself has showered praise on Walton, elevating the Buckeyes in his considerations.

Sanchez's journey to this pivotal moment has not been without its fair share of attention. Notably, both Alabama and Texas A&M have left lasting impressions, having successfully hosted Sanchez on their campuses ahead of his junior season.

As we await the unveiling of Devin Sanchez's commitment, the college football landscape is abuzz with speculation. Will he choose the historic allure of Alabama, the football fervor of Ohio State, or the competitive spirit of Texas A&M? All will be revealed on that fateful day in January, adding another chapter to the captivating narrative of college football recruitment.

11/10/2023 10:55:21 AM
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The Rising Star: Blake Woodby's Journey to College Football Stardom

In the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, there's a talent that's been turning heads on the gridiron - Blake Woodby.

Blake Woodby

The Battle for Woodby:

As the date, Oct. 14, approaches, the football world eagerly awaits Blake Woodby's commitment announcement. The stakes are high, with the cornerback having a tough choice to make between five football juggernauts. On October 14, football fans and college coaches alike will be glued to their screens, awaiting the highly anticipated commitment announcement from Blake Woodby.

Woodby's final five choices are nothing short of a football powerhouse lineup: Oregon, Tennessee, Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State.

According to the On3 Recruiting Prediction Machine (RPM), all eyes are on the Buckeyes. The RPM's algorithms, which have a knack for predicting the future stars of college football, are pointing towards Ohio State as the frontrunner in this highly anticipated recruitment battle.

Woodby: The Defensive Dynamo:

Blake Woodby isn't just another player on the field; he's a defensive dynamo. It's no wonder he's a standout in the 2025 class.

A Brotherhood Forged in Football:

While the decision ultimately rests on Woodby's shoulders, he's not navigating this journey alone. He's part of a brotherhood at St. Frances Academy, a powerhouse in high school football. It's here that he's forged bonds with future stars like Michael Van Buren and Ify Obidegwu, both slated to make their mark in college football with the Oregon Ducks in 2024.

The Personal Touch:

In every great athlete's story, there's a personal touch that defines them. For Blake Woodby, it's the passion and determination instilled in him by his roots in Baltimore, a city known for its grit and resilience.

10/13/2023 7:34:11 PM
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Florida Standout Leroy Roker Commits to Official Visit with Ohio State Buckeyes

In the latest recruiting move, Ohio State has extended an offer to the promising Florida 2024 athlete, Leroy Roker, eyeing him as a key addition to their safety lineup. Standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch and weighing in at 170 pounds, Roker's offer sheet might not boast a plethora of Power-Five names, with Iowa being the sole contender.


What sets Roker apart is his versatility on the field. Beyond the gridiron, he's a true multi-sport dynamo, showcasing prowess on the basketball court and dominating in track and field events. Notably, in his junior year at Canterbury, he boasted impressive stats, averaging 17.1 points per game, securing 5.8 rebounds per game, dishing out 4.0 assists per game, and displaying exceptional defensive skills with 2 steals per game.

Roker's basketball journey isn't confined to high school courts alone. His excellence has transcended into the highly competitive AAU circuit, where he's been a standout player for Team Marreese Speights. A testament to his basketball prowess, he's notched over 1,000 career points, leaving a resounding mark on the varsity competition hardwood.

In a significant move in 2023, Roker transferred to Bishop Verot, setting the stage for his senior season. The impact was immediate, as he showcased his playmaking abilities in the first game, clinching a spectacular 70-yard receiving touchdown. On the defensive end, he was equally formidable, amassing 5 tackles, 2 interceptions, and a crucial pass breakup in a commanding 56-21 victory over Port Charlotte.

Rewinding to 2022, Roker's junior year at Fort Myers Canterbury was nothing short of extraordinary. Embracing a dual role as both running back and defensive back, he exemplified the kind of multifaceted talent that makes him a prized recruit. His on-field contributions were nothing short of invaluable, becoming an integral part of the team's strategy and success.

Roker's journey is not just defined by his statistics, but by the heart and soul he pours into every play. His commitment to excellence is palpable, a trait that aligns seamlessly with the Buckeyes' tradition of unwavering dedication to the sport.

10/5/2023 7:58:55 PM
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Lincoln Kienholz: The Rising Star of Ohio State Football

In the heart of American football, where the gridiron a way of life, a new talent is on the horizon. Lincoln Kienholz, a name that could very well be synonymous with the future of Ohio State Buckeyes' quarterbacking, has officially donned the Scarlet and Gray.

Lincoln Kienholz

A New Era Beckons

This past Thursday etched a monumental chapter in Kienholz's journey. The young quarterback underwent the revered tradition of shedding his black stripe, an emblematic rite at Ohio State that signifies a player's full-fledged integration into the team. This event not only stands as a personal triumph for Kienholz but also heralds a dawn for the Buckeyes.

The Essence of the Black Stripe Tradition

The black stripe tradition, woven into the very fabric of Ohio State football, is a symbolic initiation. Fresh faces on the team begin their journey with a black stripe affixed to their helmets. The removal of this insignia is a collective nod from the coaches and teammates, signifying that the player embodies the dedication, prowess, and quintessential Buckeye spirit needed to proudly represent Ohio State on the gridiron.

Eyes on the Future

With the black stripe gone, Kienholz now stands "officially" as a Buckeye. As he steps into the potential role of the future quarterback, expectations are sky-high. Yet, his performance thus far speaks volumes, showcasing that Kienholz is more than poised to embrace the challenge.

In summation, Lincoln Kienholz's voyage as a bona fide Buckeye has only just commenced. With a stripe-free helmet, he strides onto the hallowed turf, carrying the aspirations and ambitions of Buckeye Nation. Only time holds the key to unveil how this exhilarating chapter in Ohio State football lore will unfurl.

9/29/2023 9:58:16 PM
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