Tuf Borland Is Going To Ohio State

Tuf Borland Is Going To Ohio State

Tuf Borland

Recruitment season is in full swing with high school players expressing their commitments one after another. The latest one to announce his decision is Tuf Borland, a linebacker from Bolingbrook. The news broke on Twitter through Borland's account. Afterwards, he informed his current coach John Ivlow just like he promised. Ivlow is a former NFL player himself. He praises Borland's intelligence on the field that has translated into some impressive statistics.

Borland is the number three junior in the state and is classed as a 4-star recruit which made him one of the most sought-after players. At 6'2" and 225lbs, he's a big guy as well and he has been able to use that size to his advantage. Northwestern, Missouri and Wisconsin all wanted to get him but he chose Ohio State in the end. He is Coach Urban Meyer's tenth recruit from the Class of 2016.

This came as a bit of a surprise to most people as they expected Borland to pick Wisconsin to uphold the family tradition. His father was once a badger during his college years back in the 80s. He could have selected any of the Big Ten as he was deemed good enough to get offers from almost every single one. He said that it was his unofficial visit to Ohio State earlier in the week that sealed the deal.

When he went to OSU, he immediately loved the place. His interest was already high but it was this visit that enabled him to make up his mind. He and his parents talked about it a lot. Fortunately for the young player, his father is there to provide advice when he needs it but lets him make his own decisions at the end of the day. Choosing Ohio State was met with support inside the household.

Borland cited a lot of factors that contributed to his decision. Obviously, Ohio has a top level college football program that enables its team to compete at the highest level year after year. Yet there are also intangibles like the tight knit group like Buckeyes have which Borland wants to be a part of -- a second family. On the academic side of things, his plan to major in kinesiology will certainly be aided by people in the program that can act as mentors. It's an excellent overall package that he hopes will bring him a good balance of everything.


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