2020 Safety Lejond Cavazos Is A Perfect Fit At OSU

2020 Safety Lejond Cavazos Is A Perfect Fit At OSU

Lejond Cavazos

When it comes to Lejond Cavazos Ohio State has had him pegged for quite some time, and it not looks like he finally committed to the Buckeyes organization. He plans to enter OSU in 2020 as a safety, which is a position that the college could use right now. While the news isn't particularly shocking, it has taken more than a year for Cavazos to commit after picking up his scholarship offer.

Long Battle for the Commitment

OSU has been trying to get Cavazos to commit for nearly 23 months now, and he's been one of the schools top defensive targets for even longer than that. He's no stranger to the campus either since he visited the school four times. Cavazos met with the coaching staff during all four visits.

Considering his proximity to the school as well as how much OSU will need a safety in 2020, some might say that he should have committed a while ago. He wanted to take some time to make sure that he was making the right decision, however, and therefore he waited until recently to make an announcement on his Twitter account.

What He Offers the Buckeyes

Even though fans won't see him on the field for a while, people have already started to speculate about what he might do when he finally gets a chance to suit up. Cavazos saw plenty of action at IMG Academy, which is widely considered to have the best football program in the country. He was playing over older safeties when he was as young as 15.

He's willing to make a hit and has an aggressive style that Greg Schiano and Alex Grinch will certainly want to promote. Since he's just about six feet tall and weighs 186 pounds, the OSU coaching staff felt he had just the right size to make it as a pure coverage safety in the NCAA.

While he might be lacking in technique, he more than makes up for it with fluid motion and the speed to cover a ton of ground. He's currently ranked at 11th in the nation.

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