Cormontae Hamilton: The Buckeye Doesn't Stop Here

Cormontae Hamilton: The Buckeye Doesn't Stop Here


Things are turning Buckeye these days, with Cormontae Hamilton being the latest one to bite the dust. The triple star tight end from Tennessee was the next man to pledge his undying love for the Ohio State team. Cormontae Hamilton's surrender to higher Ohio State power has made it a tie with Florida State.

Excellent Class for Urban Meyer

At eight pledges for both school camps, things are really heating up. And that makes the 2020 class of Ohio two pledges shy of the two. The recent Cormontae Hamilton pledge really upped the ante for his 2019 class, making it an honest-to-goodness pledge magnet. As the class' #15, Cormontae Hamilton brings real class to a tight ender's job and Ohio State can't ask for more.

Many Schools Left Out

The Buckeye flag now flies proudly among the many feathers on the Cormontae Hamilton cap. Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi are just a few of the other states that have serenaded the TE in the past. The force is strong in the soon to be minted Buckeye especially considering that Brenton Strange recently became the sacrificial lamb. If Cormontae Hamilton mans up by keeping his promise, he's all set for his senior year.

Cormontae Hamilton Ultimate Highlights Ohio State Commit 2019 TE Whitehaven Memphis, TN to Buckeyes

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