And EJ Liddell Makes Ohio State a Top Contender

And EJ Liddell Makes Ohio State a Top Contender

EJ Liddell

It's final: EJ Liddell has decided to go with Ohio State, a decision that broke the heart of Illinois and Missouri on Monday night. The two states were hoping up to the very last minute if something would sway the top 50 prospect to make a decision in their favor. Unfortunately, the force wasn't in them.

In the end, it wasn't an individual decision. EJ Liddell made the fateful choice in consultation with his first team: his family. For this, the Buckeyes have much to celebrate about the impending acquisition.

Ohio States 2019 Class

After all, the extremely tall EJ Liddell adds one more mighty powerhouse to a team that has been receiving a lot of extra boosts lately in terms of sign ups. With three of the 50 major commitments already coming their way, the Buckeyes are definitely the team to beat in terms of the potential lineup. EJ Liddell is definitely sending tremors down the spines of the other teams the moment his decision was announced.

Such an extremely powerful lineup for the Buckeyes in the very near future is nothing short of Herculean proportions. The EJ Liddell decision in Ohio State's favor had a lot to do with achieving almost instantaneous bromance with the rest of the team from the No. 48's Labor Day visitation. In EJ Liddell's own words, the male bonding couldn't have been any better, particularly with Alonzo Gaffney or DJ Carton.

Instantly At Home

Apparently, EJ Liddell felt instantaneously at home and one with the team from the get-go. Sorry, Illinois and Missouri for being left out like Miss Universe candidates. World peace is in much better hands with EJ Liddell being one with the Buckeyes.

Getting EJ Liddell's nod was certainly a major coup for the team that needs to get all the heroes it can get. With it, Ohio State now has all the bases covered for the 2019 class. EJ Liddell was the missing third link that made the whole dream come true. And so for the 2020 class, the team that got EJ Liddell's vote only needs to worry about giving away two scholarships.

Center Isaac Johnson

The state is still a little bit hung up on getting four-star center Isaac Johnson to commit, but with EJ Liddell now on their side Ohio can wait; it's not the end of the world. With three star recruits already in the proverbial bag, the state pushed itself up the top of the totem pole. So it seems that all the hard work on earning EJ Liddell's trust paid off. Ohio State can give itself a pat on the back.

Illinois Mr Basketball EJ Liddell is a Man Among Boys! Morris Shootout Highlights!

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