Three-Star S Bryson Shaw and What He Means for the Buckeyes

Three-Star S Bryson Shaw and What He Means for the Buckeyes


OSU's recent acquisition of Bryson Shaw has given the college another safety who isn't afraid to take matters into his own hands. A native of the Chesapeake Bay State, Shaw is a ball-hogging player who can provide some needed help when it comes to defending against the run.

Ironically, the three-star player was once committed to the Badgers and may have even ended up playing lacrosse had things gone differently. Watching Sam Hubbard's play in the NFL was more than enough to get him to change gears, however.

Those who follow recruitment news weren't necessarily as familiar with Bryson Shaw, but the Buckeyes staff wanted to add him next year for a few reasons in spite of less-than-perfect rankings.

A recent composite poll had him slotted at #47 in total safeties nationwide. The same poll had him rated as the tenth overall in his home state.

Those who watch a ton of tape can tell that he used to run when he was in high school. The 6' 2" future OSU player looks speedy in highlight reels to say the very least. His thin build makes him look more like an athlete than a player in some instances, but Shaw has already stated that he's willing to work.

If anyone doubts this, then they should consider the fact that he's a former three-sport athlete who is quite physical in spite of his lack of size. He's willing to make a tackle and tries to make contact whenever he's got the chance to. Since he plays downhill, Shaw is able to make some pretty impressive moves in spite of his comparatively diminutive size.

Granted, he's also a prefect example of someone who has a great deal of raw talent that needs to be built up over a long period of time. Shaw's range and reach is quite poor, which is a serious problem for someone on the defensive side of the ball. To make matters worse, his technique is very different from the way most OSU safeties play. Some might even say they should make him into a linebacker. However, the Buckeyes like raw aggression and the coaching staff might feel they can mold him into an every-down player. While he might not make the field for the first two or three seasons he plays for the college, Bryson Shaw will eventually be a star who might also transition into the pros once he graduates.

Bryson Shaw - Class of 2019 - Junior SZN Highlights


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