Everything you need to know about Eugene Brown III

Everything you need to know about Eugene Brown III


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If you follow college basketball, or are a fan of the Buckeyes, you'll want to know exactly who Eugene Brown III is. Eugene Brown is a shooting guard, who played excellent high school basketball in Decatur Georgia. Brown committed to Ohio State on September 16th, after reviewing offers from other schools, and we'll show you exactly why Ohio State was so keen on having him for their 2020 draft class.

Player profile Eugene Brown

Eugene Brown is a great addition to the Ohio State Buckeyes, and they sought him out due to his size and skill at his position. Eugene Brown weighs in at 185 pounds, and stands tall at 6-foot-6. His small frame, and large height, allow him to be incredibly mobile on the basketball court. This is one of the main reasons he had so much success in high school, and why he'll likely have success at the college level as well.

Brown was so good in his home state, that he ranked number 6 overall. On Top of that, Brown ranked at a solid 112 in his overall class across the country. His athleticism, and build, have allowed him to play excellent basketball and earn him a 4 star rating.

Why he is a great addition to the Buckeyes

The Buckeyes were so interested in Brown, because he will make an instant impact on their roster. Brown is known for his shooting talents, so he'll be able to make the shots he needs to, and he is also great on defense. This is important, because it gives the Buckeyes a player that can be effective on both sides of the court. Brown will likely add the versatility that the Buckeyes need this upcoming season, and will play an important role scoring at the 2-3 location.

Why Brown selected Ohio State University

Brown was being prospected by plenty of great universities, but he ultimately committed to Ohio State. Brown mentioned that his reasoning was simple, and that believe it or not, it only took him walking through the door. Brown was welcomed by players and coaches who influenced his decision, and after he was done getting to know the team, it was a done deal for him. He also loves the football program there, and finds it extremely exciting to play basketball in Columbus Ohio.

Eugene Brown's other offers

Ohio State was not exactly the only choice for Eugene Brown, and he did visit quite a few schools that made offers. Before visiting Ohio State, Brown also visited teams like the Bulldogs (Mississippi State), the Yellow Jackets (Georgia Tech), and the Xavier Musketeers. These visits were all conducted in 2018, and he received great offers from most schools he ended up visiting.

The more interesting part, though, is that Brown had 4 more visits scheduled in 2019 that he ended up canceling right after he went to Ohio State. This shows you exactly how excited Brown is to be in Ohio State, and how happy Ohio State will be to have him.

What's next for Eugene Brown III?

The 2020 class is one filled with talent, and Ohio State is grateful they got their hands on this 4 star talent. The competition at shooting guard is fierce, but based on Brown's performance at DeKalb high school, fans of Brown are more than sure he has what it takes. Only time will tell what happens to Brown, but there is definitely a reason to be excited about this kid.

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