Luke Wypler Is a Future NFL Prospect

Luke Wypler Is a Future NFL Prospect


It did not take me a long time to understand who Luke Wypler was. At first, I was frustrated because I couldn’t find much information on the number one prospect at center for the class of 2020. I dug deeper and found out Luke worked hard as hell to get the recruitment process done early. He didn’t want to focus too much on the recruitment process because it would take him away from his current goal at the time: winning a state championship for St. Joseph Regional. They would go on to win the state championship because of Luke and his team’s nonstop attitude.

Committing To The University

Many prospects have backed away from Ohio State due to the sudden retirement of legendary Head Coach Urban Myer. Although Luke has been quiet in his recruitment process, he did open up about this topic. It was never his plan to commit to a coach, he felt the need to commit to a university. Luke was able to visit the school early this year, nearly a full year after his verbal commitment. This solidified Luke’s desire to join the team and build his credit as a football player. Jeff Hafley and Greg Studrawa recruited his for Ryan Day's 2020 class.

What Luke Wypler Was Looking For

Ohio State breeds NFL prospects, and that is exactly what Luke wants, along with the chance to join Fisher’s School of Business. The academics and culture of Ohio State will fit Luke well, and give him a chance to grow as both a man and a player.

What Luke Wypler Has to Offer

After observing his highlights, it was clear that he was a gamechanger. His speed and athleticism can change the course of a play, and he puts defensive ends on the tackles on the ground for fun. Most offensive lineman of the past have simply been giant bodies that can out muscle sneaky defensive ends and charging linebackers. The game is changing, and Luke is a perfect fit for this new breed of offensive linemen. Luke is fast and strong, he is built for quickness and keeping up with a fast-paced level of college. Luke has a rare ability that most offensive lineman, he moves at angles and this creates the leverage he needs for the few defensive linemen that are stronger than him. This ability to create angles originated from his time as an all-state wrestler.

Scholarship Offers

Luke did receive offers from over twenty other universities, but he didn’t take too much time in his decision process. From what I can gather, Luke doesn’t care for the name he plays for, and he isn’t attracted to spotlight as most prospects nowadays. I look at Luke as a hard-working athlete. He loves this game and will do most of his work behind closed doors.

Future NFL Prospect

In the future, make sure to listen for his name in the NFL draft. I would say he is going to get scooped up during the third or fourth round so long as he stays healthy and keeps loving the sport of football. Luke Wypler will not receive the attention he deserves, and this is a sad fact because he is the prime example of a damn good football player.

Luke Wypler | St. Joseph Regional Football | Ultimate Junior Highlights

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