Ohio State Gets Stronger: JaHad Carter Transfers As Cornerback For 2023

Ohio State Gets Stronger: JaHad Carter Transfers As Cornerback For 2023

Ohio State just got a whole lot stronger with JaHad Carter (twitter) transferring to the Buckeyes as their new Cornerback for 2023! Find out more now. With their first huge pick-up of the 2023 tranfer period, Ohio State got a player that can make an immediate impact in their defensive backfield. Carter proved what he can do during his three years at Syracuse.


Ohio State just got a huge boost to their 2023 roster thanks to the addition of JaHad Carter. The Corner back transfer from Syracuse is set to bring his impressive talent and defensive prowess to the table for the Buckeyes, making them an even more formidable opponent on the field. He has two years of eligibility remaining when he joins OSU this year.

Who is JaHad Carter?

JaHad Carter is a rising star in football and a talented cornerback-transfer from ACC conference Syracuse. Carter’s improved his raw talent into an impressive skill set, earning him 3 interceptions in his 2021 season and countless accolades for his hard work. He comes to Ohio State as determined to continue mastering his craft, a perfect fit for the team’s ravenous defensive prowess! The Buckeyes have made a couple of other attempts to grab high-talented players in the transfer portal but finally closed the deal on one of the best.

What Position Is JaHad Carter Transfers As?

JaHad Carter transfers to Ohio State as a cornerback for the 2023 season after starting at safety the last three seasons. He has impressive size and speed that allows him to make quick impact plays, in addition to the high-level positional ability and knowledge that makes Carter an invaluable asset for any team. His skill set is a perfect combination of aggressiveness and control, allowing his teammates to have complete trust in him every game.

What Changes Does He Bring To The Ohio State Buckeyes?

With the addition of JaHad Carter, The Ohio State Buckeyes can rest assured that their secondary will have stability in coverage and aggressiveness when needed. His size and speed give him an advantage to be able to help lock down receivers with his tight coverage ability. On top of that, his knowledge of the game from experience and film study has taken him a long way allowing him to recognize plays quickly and anticipate what the offense is trying to do. All these attributes combined make him an invaluable asset for any team.

How Will This Impact Ohio State Football Team's 2023 Season?

With JaHad Carter now joining the Ohio State Buckeyes, many are speculating that he will have a massive impact on their 2023 season. His impressive athleticism and ability to lock down opposing receivers gives the team an extra edge they didn’t previously have. In addition to this, his knowledge of the game through film study and experience can be invaluable in anticipating an opposing teams' moves and strategies. As long as things go to plan and injuries don’t occur, The Buckeyes should find themselves with a competitive advantage come next season.

Why Did JaHad Carter Transfer To The Ohio State Buckeyes?

JaHad Carter transferred to the Ohio State Buckeyes for a variety of reasons. His transfer included a chance to compete in the best conference with some of the most successful football programs in the country. He also wanted to continue his academic growth and felt that he'd have an opportunity to make an impact on such an elite program. As part of this move, there's no doubt that he will receive some great assistance from coaches and trainers; thus increasing his NFL draft prospects. All we can do now is wait and see how JaHad Carter will perform in Columbus!

HUGE Ohio State Football Recruiting News. Ja’Had Carter Commits from the Transfer Portal!

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