Sherrone Moore Takes the Reins in Ann Arbor, But Can He Steer Michigan Past Ohio State?

Sherrone Moore Takes the Reins in Ann Arbor, But Can He Steer Michigan Past Ohio State?

Well, Buckeye fans, the news across the state lines is hard to miss: Sherrone Moore, the young gun who started out coaching tight ends just seven years ago, is now the head honcho at That Team Up North. It's a meteoric rise, from Central Michigan to Harbaugh's right-hand man, and now the keys to the Big House are his.

Sherrone Moore

Taking over for Jim Harbaugh

Let's be honest, though. Moore's got his work cut out for him. Stepping into Harbaugh's shadow is no small feat, and while he's had some success calling plays, questions linger. Can he lead Michigan to the kind of dominance they crave, especially against the likes of, ahem, **Ohio State**?

Moore's age is a double-edged sword. On one hand, he brings a fresh perspective and energy, a break from the sometimes-stale Harbaugh era. But on the other, experience matters, and at 37, he's one of the youngest head coaches in the country.

Ohio State vs Michigan

As Buckeye fans, we should keep a close eye on Moore's progress. A resurgent Michigan, led by a young, hungry coach, could spell trouble for our championship dreams. But let's not forget, Columbus is still the heart of Big Ten football, and we've got our own young guns ready to prove themselves.

So, buckle up, Buckeyes. The rivalry just got a whole lot more interesting. And remember, no matter who's coaching in Ann Arbor, one thing remains true: **Ohio State owns the state of Ohio.**

Your thoughts, Buckeye Nation? Can Moore lead Michigan to glory, or will he be another chapter in their "Same Old Song and Dance"? Sound off in the comments!

Sherrone Moore on how he plans to run Michigan's program: 'My way!' | The Pat McAfee Show

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