Ohio State basketball coaches in 2024: Simons and Justus Added

Ohio State basketball coaches in 2024: Simons and Justus Added

The Ohio State Buckeyes are looking forward to the 2024-25 season, and there is a buzz in the air with new players being added and a new coaching staff! The auditorium will be electric, with classic scarlet and grey everywhere you look. But there's a new wrinkle this year – let's meet the fresh faces calling the shots for the Buckeyes!


Jake Diebler: The Man in Charge

Taking the lead is Jake Diebler, the new interim head coach. Coach Holtmann might be gone, but Diebler's here to stay, not just fill a spot. You can practically feel his love for the game, and he's got that true Ohio State spirit that makes you want to jump in and play yourself.

Diebler's not going it alone though. Joining him as assistant coach is Luke Simons. Simons has been coaching in college for eight years, but that's not all!

Luke Simons: The International Connector

Luke Simons joins Diebler's staff as an assistant coach. With eight years of collegiate experience and another seven globetrotting, Simons brings a worldly perspective. He's been everywhere—Boston College, College of Charleston, and most recently, Baylor. At Baylor, he helped steer the ship to 47 wins and NCAA Tournament success. But it's not just about Xs and Os for Simons; it's about connecting with players. His versatility and international flair make him a valuable asset.

Joel Justus: The Final Four Alchemist

And there's more! Joel Justus, our associate head coach, knows what it takes to dance in March. Rounding out the coaching staff is newcomer Justus. Fresh off a thrilling Final Four run with N.C. State, Justus brings that hunger for competition to Columbus. His training chops are battle-tested, and he's got the scars (metaphorical, of course) to prove it. Expect him to pull some magic on the sidelines, pulling off plays that will get fans on their feet. With this staff in charge of the team development and play calling, the Buckeyes are poised for a great season in 2024-25!

Transitions That Dribble Smoothly

As the Buckeyes transition from one era to the next, these coaches are the glue. They're the ones who'll turn timeouts into game-changing adjustments, who'll celebrate buzzer-beaters and console after tough losses. Their passion will ignite the Schottenstein Center, and their dedication will fuel the Buckeyes' quest for glory.

So, Buckeye faithful, keep your eyes on the sidelines. These coaches are the masterminds behind the magic, turning young players into stars and building something special. And when that first whistle blows, you know they'll be right there on the sidelines, hearts pounding, ready to write the next exciting chapter in Ohio State basketball history.

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