What Chris Olave's Commitment Means For The Buckeyes

What Chris Olave's Commitment Means For The Buckeyes


Similar in body type, playing style and even background, I have to say that Chris Olave reminds me of a younger Devin Smith. That may seem like a bit of overkill for some Ohio State fans, I get it, but Chris Olave will have to earn that comparison and I believe him to be up to the task.

The comparison comes based mostly on speed. As you know, Smith was not only a state-champion long-jumper but also a star on the track, making him a real crowd favorite. Olave is equally strong in track and field although he did not play football his junior year due to transfer rules. Despite that, he still earned several offers based on his basketball and track efforts... along with word of mouth. It was not until October that Ohio State offered Olave a contract after seeing him play in his first handful of senior season games.

I spoke with Olave not long after the offer came in and he told me that his 100-meter time was 10.8 seconds. Meanwhile, Smith's best was 10.5. His long jump was a whopping 23 feet, six inches. Thus, Olave won't be the only previous track star on the roster. Campbell really excelled there as well. However, it is combining these traits with the strength in hands, route running and ball tracking that made Smith who he was as a player. I can honestly say, I see a lot of that with Olave and I look forward to seeing how he can improve the Buckeyes upcoming seasons.

San Diego Section Top Recruit Chris Olave from Mission Hills

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