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Ohio State's Future Shines Bright with Marc Nave's Commitment

Ohio State University's football program has received a major boost with the commitment of Marc Nave. The talented 3 star athlete has decided to join the Buckeyes and bring his skills and talents to the team. This article will explore the significance of Marc Nave's commitment to Ohio State's football program.


Marc Nave's Background and Achievements

Marc Nave, 6'5" 315lbs, is a highly talented athlete with a strong background in football. He has been playing football since he was young and has been recognized for his skills on the field, ranking as the 17th best prospect in Ohio for 2024. Nave has played for his high school, Central Catholic, team and has been recognized as one of the top players in the state. He has also received numerous scholarships from top colleges across the country, 20 total including Auburn, Duke, Pittsburgh, and Purdue.

The Impact of Marc Nave's Commitment on Ohio State

The commitment of Marc Nave to Ohio State's football program is a major boost for the team. Nave brings his skills and talents to the team, which will help improve the team's performance on the field. He was recruited by offensive line coach Justin Frye. His commitment also helps to enhance the team's reputation and standing in the football community. This will help to attract other talented athletes to the program, which will help to improve the team's overall performance. The team currently has 4 members in the 2024 class including Nave, wide receiver Jeremiah Smith, Offensive Lineman Ian Moore, and athlete Garrett Stover.

Marc Nave's Potential Contributions to the Ohio State Football Team

Marc Nave brings a lot of potential to the Ohio State football team. He is a versatile athlete who can play multiple positions on the field, playing every line position at Central Catholic except for center. This makes him an asset to the team and gives the coaching staff more options when it comes to developing the team's strategy. Nave is also known for his speed and agility, which will help him to make game-changing plays on the field.

The Reaction of Ohio State Fans to Marc Nave's Commitment

Ohio State fans are thrilled with Marc Nave's commitment to the football program. Nave is a highly-talented athlete who brings a lot of potential to the team. Fans are excited to see what he can do on the field and how he will help the team to succeed. Fans have taken to social media to express their excitement and support for Nave and the Buckeyes. You can see from the comments on Twitter here.

The Importance of Recruiting for College Football Programs

Recruiting is a critical part of building a successful college football program. The recruiting process helps to identify top talent and bring them to the program. Recruiting also helps to attract other talented athletes to the program, which helps to build a strong team for years to come. In recent years money from NIL contracts has also become a big part of recruiting in addition to finding good talent in the Transfer Portal.

Other Notable Commitments to Ohio State's Football Program

Ohio State's football program has received several notable commitments in recent years. These commitments include top-rated athletes who have brought their skills and talents to the team. These commitments have helped to enhance the program's reputation and improve the team's performance on the field. Some of the notable commitments include running back TreVeyon Henderson and quarterback Kyle McCord who should both be starters for the Buckeyes in 2023.

The Role of the Coaching Staff in Recruiting and Player Development

The coaching staff plays a critical role in recruiting and player development. The coaching staff is responsible for identifying top talent and bringing them to the program. They are also responsible for developing the team's strategy and helping players to improve their skills on the field. Frye made some key visits to Toledo to recruit Nave and was able to get him to visit recently and schedule two additional visits during Spring Camp.

3/8/2023 4:16:34 PM
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Going From GA at MSU to Assistant DBs Coach of Ohio State

Gerren DuHart (twitter) has taken the next step in his coaching career, leaving Michigan State and joining Ohio State as their assistant defensive backs coach. Learn more about his journey!

Ohio State is proud to welcome former Michigan State assistant defensive backs coach Gerren DuHart as the new addition to their staff. After a successful run at Michigan State, DuHart joins the Buckeyes and is eager to take the next step in his coaching journey. Get all the details about how he got here!

DuHart MSU

What led Gerren DuHart to coaching?

DuHart was a successful college football player at Wayne State, where he played cornerback and was a team captain during his senior season. He started his final 40 games for the team and was recognized as one of the top players in the GLIAC conference, earning All-GLIAC first team honors in his senior year. His experience on the field led him to recognize the importance of good coaching, inspiring him to pursue it professionally.

DuHart's statistics during his college career also indicate that he was an effective player, with a high number of pass break-ups and passes defended. These are important statistics for a cornerback, as they suggest that he was skilled at disrupting opposing passing plays and preventing completions.

It's possible that DuHart's success as a player has contributed to his desire to continue working in football as a coach. Many former players find that coaching allows them to stay involved in the sport that they love and to help develop the next generation of players.

What experiences at Michigan State shaped him into the coach he is today?

DuHart has been working as an assistant coach in college football, specifically with a focus on coaching defensive backs. He spent the past two seasons with the Michigan State Spartans' coaching staff in this capacity, and before that, he was a graduate assistant at his alma mater, Wayne State, where he also helped with video production.

DuHart credits Michigan State with helping him grow as a coach. He learned the importance of building positive relationships with his players and applying motivational concepts to inspire them. He also broadened his personnel knowledge by working with experienced coaches who had expertise recruiting prospects from across the country. These experiences helped establish him as an astute talent evaluator and guided him in his pursuit of becoming a greater asset to any team he was a part of.

Coaching in college football can be a challenging and rewarding career, and it's common for coaches to work their way up the ranks by starting as graduate assistants or assistant coaches at smaller programs and then moving on to larger, more prominent programs over time.

How does he plan to use his experience in helping Ohio State reach their goals?

DuHart plans to apply his experience to help Ohio State achieve success. He emphasizes the importance of recruiting, developing relationships and building chemistry among the players of a team. In recruiting, he will focus on finding the right fit for Ohio State rather than just chasing star rankings or final numbers. He believes that developing strong relationships with recruits is essential in helping them find the best long-term home for their collegiate career. Finally, he wants to create an environment where each player can reach their maximum potential and have faith in its staff from day one.

What advice has he learned along the way and what would he tell young coaches coming up through the ranks?

DuHart emphasizes the importance of being a great communicator and creating strong relationships with people from all walks of life. He always takes time to listen to ideas and viewpoints from his colleagues, no matter the age or experience level. He also believes that attacking each day with enthusiasm is essential for success. DuHart would encourage young coaches to stay humble, work hard, and never be satisfied with the job they do; only then will they continue to grow personally and professionally.

2/15/2023 9:49:56 AM
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Ohio State Football Transfer Victor Cutler to Play Offensive Tackle in 2023

Ohio State Football has welcomed Victor Cutler to their roster for the 2023 season! Upping their offensive tackling game, learn more about the transfer here. Ohio State Football is thrilled to welcome Victor Cutler as a transfer student for the 2023 season! An experienced offensive tackle, Cutler is sure to increase the Buckeyes' offensive game and boost their chances of victory. Learn more about this transfer student here.


Who is Victor Cutler

Victor Cutler is a 6'3", 300-pound offensive tackle from Louisiana Monroe. He has great size, athleticism, and power to dominate the trenches. He is a great pass blocker and can quickly get to the second level to take out linebackers. He has a great understanding of offense and defensive schemes and is a great communicator on the line. He has the ability to play both tackle spots and excels at run blocking, creating big lanes for the running back. Victor Cutler is the type of player teams need to build a strong offensive line.

Victor Cutler is an offensive tackle from Louisiana-Monroe. He was a three-year starter for the Warhawks and was a two-time All-Sun Belt honoree. He was named to the All-Sun Belt First Team in 2019 and the All-Sun Belt Second Team in 2018. He was also named the team's Offensive Player of the Year for 2019. With 3 years of collegiate football experience, he's sure to be an invaluable asset to Ohio State Football!

What prior teams has Victor played for

Victor Cutler began his collegiate football career with Louisiana Monroe, where he played two full seasons. During his sophomore season, he was recognized as a standout member of the team and earned an All-Sun Belt Conference selection award. After two seasons playing at Louisiana Monroe, Cutler chose to transfer to Ohio State University for the 2023 season, where he will join their offensive tackling unit.

What skill sets does he bring to Ohio State Football

As a transfer to Ohio State Football, Victor Cutler brings an impressive set of skills and qualifications to the team. He is an exceptional blocker, known for his speed and fluidity for long yardage runs. His technique is second-to-none and he has excellent agility that allows him to shut down defenders. Not only does he possess great physical prowess, but Cutler also displays immense mental strength through his knowledge of the game and quick decision making. With these qualities combined, Ohio State Football is confident he will make a significant impact on their offensive tackling unit in 2023.

When did Victor enroll in the university

Victor Cutler plans to enroll at Ohio State in June 2023.

1/21/2023 12:42:12 PM
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Ohio State Gets Stronger: JaHad Carter Transfers As Cornerback For 2023

Ohio State just got a whole lot stronger with JaHad Carter (twitter) transferring to the Buckeyes as their new Cornerback for 2023! Find out more now. With their first huge pick-up of the 2023 tranfer period, Ohio State got a player that can make an immediate impact in their defensive backfield. Carter proved what he can do during his three years at Syracuse.


Ohio State just got a huge boost to their 2023 roster thanks to the addition of JaHad Carter. The Corner back transfer from Syracuse is set to bring his impressive talent and defensive prowess to the table for the Buckeyes, making them an even more formidable opponent on the field. He has two years of eligibility remaining when he joins OSU this year.

Who is JaHad Carter?

JaHad Carter is a rising star in football and a talented cornerback-transfer from ACC conference Syracuse. Carter’s improved his raw talent into an impressive skill set, earning him 3 interceptions in his 2021 season and countless accolades for his hard work. He comes to Ohio State as determined to continue mastering his craft, a perfect fit for the team’s ravenous defensive prowess! The Buckeyes have made a couple of other attempts to grab high-talented players in the transfer portal but finally closed the deal on one of the best.

What Position Is JaHad Carter Transfers As?

JaHad Carter transfers to Ohio State as a cornerback for the 2023 season after starting at safety the last three seasons. He has impressive size and speed that allows him to make quick impact plays, in addition to the high-level positional ability and knowledge that makes Carter an invaluable asset for any team. His skill set is a perfect combination of aggressiveness and control, allowing his teammates to have complete trust in him every game.

What Changes Does He Bring To The Ohio State Buckeyes?

With the addition of JaHad Carter, The Ohio State Buckeyes can rest assured that their secondary will have stability in coverage and aggressiveness when needed. His size and speed give him an advantage to be able to help lock down receivers with his tight coverage ability. On top of that, his knowledge of the game from experience and film study has taken him a long way allowing him to recognize plays quickly and anticipate what the offense is trying to do. All these attributes combined make him an invaluable asset for any team.

How Will This Impact Ohio State Football Team's 2023 Season?

With JaHad Carter now joining the Ohio State Buckeyes, many are speculating that he will have a massive impact on their 2023 season. His impressive athleticism and ability to lock down opposing receivers gives the team an extra edge they didn’t previously have. In addition to this, his knowledge of the game through film study and experience can be invaluable in anticipating an opposing teams' moves and strategies. As long as things go to plan and injuries don’t occur, The Buckeyes should find themselves with a competitive advantage come next season.

1/12/2023 2:36:01 PM
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Jermaine Matthews Cornerback for 2023

Jermaine Matthews

Jermaine Matthews (twitter) adds to the already loaded Ohio State football 2023 class with his commitment. The 6-0 / 175 Lbs. athlete from Winton Woods (Cincinnati, OH) High School made the announcement on the first day of July at his high school. Matthews is a 4 Star recruit, 21st best Athlete in the country, and the 36th best Cornerback. He is happy to get recruiting over with so he can focus on just Ohio State.

Matthews selected Ohio State as its not too far from home and he really liked the staff and the college. He is looking forward to a senior year and winning another state championship. And sees Ohio State winning the National Championship during his time in college.

Who Recruited Matthews

Tim Walton and GA Zach Grant recruited Matthews for Ohio State. Eric Wolford & Travaris Robinson for Alabama, Vince Marrow with Kentucky, Andy Aurich for Rutgers, and Joe Rudolph & Derek Jones for Virginia Tech.

Offers and Favorites

Matthews had 40 Offers total, Ohio State and Cincinnati where his favorites. He committed to Ohio State on 7-1-2022 at a high school ceremony.

Official Visits

Matthews officially visited Ohio State on June 17th, Cincinnati on June 3, and Pittsburg on June 24th.

Jermain Matthew Crystal Ball Predictions

Steve Wiltfong predicted Matthews would commit to Ohio State on June 7th, Bryce Koon said Ohio State on June 28th, Bill Kurelic was for Ohio State on June 20th, and Jason Stamm, Colin Gay, H Rodriguez, Davis Moseley, Julie Boudwin all went with Ohio State at the end of June.


Ran a 4.35 40 yard dash at the June 1st Ohio State camp.

7/29/2022 10:32:40 AM
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2023 Wide Receiver Noah Rogers


Noah Rogers (twitter), one of the top receivers in the country, attends Rolesville North Carolina High School. Rogers profile has exploded in the last few months. He looks to be the can't-miss wide receiver out of North Carolina this year, already making his way into the ranking early in the process. One of the better route-runners in the country and has impressive body control that allows him to make adjustments on the fly.

Who's Recruiting Noah Rogers

Brian Hartline, Ryan Day and the Ohio State staff will be hoping to add 2023 four-star WR Noah Rogers, who is being heavily recruited by NC State and Clemson. The four-star receiver from Rolesville NC could announce a commitment date soon. Rogers is being recruited by Todd Goebbel, the NC State Wolfpack's tight ends and fullbacks coach. And Tyler Grisham is recruiting him for Clemson.

Offers and Favorites

He has 29 offers including Alabama, Ohio State, Auburn, Florida and Clemson. Rogers top two schools are Ohio State and NC State.


Rogers will officially visit Ohio State on June 17th. On March 25th, Rogers unofficially visited NC State.


Noah Rogers, a 4 star 2023 wide receiver now attending Rolesville High School and the #1 ranked wide receiver in North Carolina, stands 6'3" and weighs 185 pounds. He's the 11th best wide receiver in the country. Best overall prospect in North Carolina. And the 60th best national recruit overall.

Crystal Ball Predictions

Adam Friedman, Richard Schnyderite, Zach Carpenter, Kyle Kelly, Michael Clark, Steve Wiltfong, Chris Nee, Brian Dohn, Justin Thind, JC Shurburtt and Bill Kurelic are all predicting the Buckeyes.

High School Stats

Wide Receiver Noah Rogers is a playmaker that opens up the field for the offense. He had 70 receptions in 2021 with 22 touchdowns and 1430+ yards. He also had 26 receptions, 591 yards, and 9 touchdowns in 2020.

5/27/2022 8:37:44 AM
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Ohio State DT Will Smith Jr from Dublin Coffman Ohio


Will Smith Jr is a 6'3" 260 lbs. Defensive Lineman from Dublin Coffman High School in Central Ohio. He committed to Ohio State on January 23rd, 2022 shortly after making his second visit to campus. He is rated as a 3 star prospect for 2023, the 69th best defensive lineman in the country, and the 14th best overall prospect in Ohio. He played both end and tackle for the Rocks and is the son of late Ohio State and New Orleans Saint defensive end, Will Smith.

Who Recruited Will Smith Jr

Smith was recruited by Mike Daniels for Georgia Tech, Terrance Jamison for Illinois, Marty Long for Northwestern, and Andrew Jackson for West Virginia. He has a number of college scholarship offers including Ohio State, Ball State, Boston College, Duke, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, and Kentucky. He has always been a huge Buckeye fan since growing up right outside of Columbus.

Will Smith Jr College Visits

Smith made a number college visits prior to deciding on his destination including trips to Ohio State on October 9th, 2021 for their game against Maryland, Purdue on September 4th, 2021, Marshall on September 11th, 2021, Bowling Green on September 18th, 2021, and Notre Dame on October 2nd, 2021. He made another visit to Ohio State prior to committing where he met with Larry Johnson and new defensive coordinator Jim Knowles.

1/28/2022 3:36:21 PM
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2022 Defensive Tackle Hero Kanu from Santa Margarita


Hero Kanu (twitter) is a defensive tackle in the 2022 recruiting class. Kanu attended high school at Santa Margarita Catholic in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. The 6'5" and 293 lbs. prospect will be announcing is commitment on January 8th on NBC. Ohio State discovered Kanu at their June Camp in 2021. He quickly became a prospect they had to get after inviting him back for a second day of camp.

Who's Recruiting Hero Kanu

The list of coaches recruiting Kanu is quite long, Tray Scott for Georgia, Mike Elston and Marcus Freeman for Notre Dame, Larry Johnson for Ohio State, Calvin Thibodeaux and Jamar Cain for Oklahoma, and Holmon Wiggins and Freddie Roach for Alabama.

Kanu Offers and Favorites

Kanu has 26 offers with Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Oklahoma leading.

Kanu Visits

Kanu has taken 5 Visits including November 13th to LSU, November 6th to Georgia, October 23rd to Notre Dame, October 30th to Ohio State for their Penn State match-up, and October 16th to Oklahoma. Camped at 16 different colleges over the summer of 2021.

National Ranking

Kanu is considered a 4 Star recruit, the 18th best defensive lineman and the 7th best overall in California.

Kanu Crystal Ball Predictions

Steve Wiltfong is predicting Kanu commits to Ohio State with high confidence. Bill Kurelic says Ohio State with medium confidence. Brandon Drumm goes with Ohio State with medium confidence. Eric Lammers, Ben Bachmann, Geoffrey Ketchum, and Trent Smallwood all say Ohio State. While Sam Spiegelman changed his prediction from Ohio State to Oklahoma on November 23rd.

Bowl Invitations

Kanu is invited to the All American Bowl. The bowl will air on NBC January 2nd at 2pm. He will be on the West squad with a number of current Ohio State commits.

12/30/2021 2:46:43 PM
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Devin Brown Ohio State Quarterback


2022 Quarterback Devin Brown Committed to Ohio State on December 1st 2021 out of Corner Canyon High School in Draper, Utah. The 6-3 190 lbs. recruit is the sixth best quarterback in the country and the best overall recruit in Utah for 2022. Corey Dennis recruited Brown for Ohio State while Jeff Lebby led recruiting for Ole Miss, AJ Milwee for Texas, and Graham Harrell for USC.

Devin Brown Visits

Brown visited Ole Miss on October 9th, Texas on November 13th, Ohio State on November 20th, November 28th AJ Milwee from Texas Longhorns visited Brown, and Jeff Lebby from the Ole Miss Rebels visited Brown making a final push before the commitment to Ohio State.

Devin Brown Offers

Brown had over 16 Offers including Arizona, USC, Texas, Ole Miss, and Ohio State. He was committed to USC before opening back up his recruitment on November 24th, four days after his Ohio State visit.

Crystal Ball Prediction for Devin Brown

Steve Wiltfong and Blair Angulo had Ohio State with high certainty prior to the commitment. Gerard Martinez had USC with High certainty. Greg Biggins had Ohio State with Med certainty. And Evan Flood had Wisconsin with Med certainty.

Brown is schedule to play in a number of high school all-star games at the end of his Senior season including the All American Bowl, the Polynesian Bowl, and the Elite 11 Finals.

Brown Scouting Report

With a basketball background, the quarterback is a force to be reckoned with. On his passes, he displays excellent arm strength and zip. He demonstrates the ability to toss off-platform without losing velocity. And he distributes to all levels of the field and appears to roll out to space with ease.

Brown High School Stats

In 2021, Brown was 254/372 for 4881 with 57 touchdowns. In 2020 Brown was 151/232 passing for 1761 and 18 touchdowns. 2019, Brown completed 100 passes on 221 attempts for 1319 yards and 10 touchdowns. He progressively got better as his career continued.

12/13/2021 10:56:04 PM
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2023 Ohio State Safety Sonny Styles


Sonny Styles from Pickerington Central High School recently committed to playing college football at Ohio State. The 6'4" 215 lbs. safety is rated a 5 Star and the best safety in the country. Also the number one prospect in Ohio.

Styles announced his commitment to the Buckeyes via Twitter.

"I have decided to attend The Ohio State University! GO BUCKS!" he wrote. Styles is an athlete who plays multiple positions for his high school team, according to reports. The safety posted a highlight reel on Twitter with the caption, "I have been waiting for this time to come since I was 4 years old."

Al Washington for Ohio State was recruiting him along with Bill O'Brien for Alabama and Matt Thurin for Boston College.

Sonny Styles Visits

Styles has taken four unofficial visits including unofficially visiting Florida on September 4th, a June 22nd unofficial visit to Ole Miss, a June 21st unofficial visit to Florida State, and a June 6th unofficial visit to Michigan State.

Sonny Styles Scholarship Offers

Styles has 24 scholarship offers including Ohio State, Alabama, Boston College, Cincinnati, and Clemson. He recently committed to Ohio State on November 13th for the 2023 season. He becomes apart of a class that totals three players and is rated the 6th best in the country. Tight End Ty Lockwood from Independence Indiana and Offensive Lineman Joshua Padilla from Dayton Ohio are also members of the class at this time.

Crystal Ball Prediction

Before Styles committed to Ohio State, Tom Loy predicted he would commit to Notre Dame.

Scouting Report

With his height, length, and physical growth as a high school junior, he is a physical prototypical safety. For a player of his size, he changes directions and runs in a straight line very well. At 210 pounds, he is smooth in his moves and is capable of playing in space even covering man to man. Shows good ball skills and hands.

11/23/2021 8:14:08 AM
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