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WR Quincy Porter commits to Ohio State

Quincy Porter hails from Jersey, where high school football is king. He spent his Fridays under the bright lights, weaving through defenders and leaving crowds speechless. But one particular Friday afternoon, everything changed. It was like destiny stepped in and sent him straight to the holy land of Ohio State.


The Decision

Quincy had options. Michigan, Penn State, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Alabama all vied for his signature. Yet, when he stepped onto Ohio State's campus, something clicked. Maybe it was the camaraderie among the players or the whispered echoes of past legends—the Buckeyes' legacy etched into every brick. But Quincy knew this was home.

Wide Receiver U

"The wide receiver play they have at Ohio State," Quincy told On3, "Ohio State is Wide Receiver U." He wasn't wrong. Names like Cris Carter, Terry Glenn, and Michael Thomas adorned the halls. The tradition ran deep, and Quincy wanted to add his chapter to the story.

The Conversation with Coach Hartline

Brian Hartline, the Buckeyes' wide receiver coach, sealed the deal. Late-night talks, Xs and Os dissected over coffee, and a shared vision—they connected. "I’m close with Hartline," Quincy confessed. "Our conversations ultimately made me commit." Sometimes, it's not just about the game; it's about the people who shape it.

The Visit

On a sunny June day, Quincy strolled through Ohio State's campus. Scarlet and gray jerseys blurred past, each one whispering, "Welcome home." He met future teammates, felt the buzz of the Horseshoe, and imagined himself scoring touchdowns under those iconic lights. It was more than a visit; it was destiny knocking.

Closing the Chapter

Quincy had planned visits to Michigan and Oklahoma, but fate intervened. On3 reported that he'd shut down his recruitment. Ohio State now had their 15th commitment in the 2025 class. De'zie Jones, another Jersey native, would be his partner in crime—a duo destined to electrify the Buckeyes' offense.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, Quincy Porter's name echoed across the Ohio State campus. Fans whispered it in reverence, coaches etched it on their playbooks, and somewhere, a kid in New Jersey dreamed of following in his footsteps. Quincy had committed—to a legacy, a brotherhood, and a promise: to be the next chapter in Wide Receiver U's storied saga.

6/14/2024 3:51:17 PM
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Trajen Odom: A Rising Star with Buckeye Dreams

Exploring the Journey of a Four-Star Defensive Tackle

In the heart of Columbus, where scarlet and gray reign supreme, a young talent has captured the attention of Buckeye Nation. His name? Trajen Odom. Let's dive into his story, from childhood dreams to the hallowed halls of Ohio State.

Trajen Odom

The First Connection

Trejean's journey began when Ohio State defensive line coach Larry Johnson made an important visit to North Carolina. Johnson targeted the talented defensive lineman and didn’t leave empty-handed. Odom got an offer from the Buckeyes, a moment that was particularly important to him. Growing up, Ohio State was one of his favorite college teams, and now, there was a knock on his door.

A Weekend in Columbus

Odom's first visit to Columbus was nothing short of exhilarating. The atmosphere, the camaraderie—it all clicked. He developed a close relationship with Coach Ryan Day, Coach Johnson and the entire defensive staff. But it wasn’t just about football; It was about brotherhood. The players and staff formed a strong team fueled by energy and a commitment to improvement.

The Technique and the Brotherhood

At practice, Odom observed the Buckeyes' defensive linemen. They weren't the biggest guys, but their technique stood out. Coach Johnson's meticulous guidance had transformed them. Odom was impressed by the fine details—the moves, the footwork—that made all the difference. He knew he could thrive here.

The Priority

Coach Johnson made it clear: Trajen Odom was a priority. The best defensive line coach in college football saw potential in him. Ryan Day echoed the sentiment. For Odom, it meant the world. To be wanted, to be part of this legacy—it fueled his determination.

The Numbers

Ranked 282nd overall and 31st among defensive linemen in the 2025 class, Odom had over 40 Division I offers. His versatility made him a force to reckon with. Three-technique—that's where he'd likely shine. But the Buckeyes saw more than a position; they saw a future star.

The June Visit

Fast forward to June 7. Trajen Odom returned to Columbus, this time for an official visit. The needle had moved further. Ohio State had become more than a contender; it was home. The weight of the scarlet jersey, the roar of the crowd—it beckoned him.


Trajen Odom's journey intertwines with Ohio State's legacy. As he steps onto the field, he carries dreams, determination, and the promise of greatness. Keep an eye on number 99—the Buckeyes' rising star.

5/31/2024 6:44:37 PM
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Isaiah West Set to Visit Ohio State: A Closer Look

Isaiah West, a highly sought-after four-star running back from St. Joseph's Prep. The running back is making waves in college football recruiting. The recent de-commitment from Kentucky has made West a hot commodity, and Ohio State is emerging as his top choice. Let’s dive into the details of his upcoming visit to Columbus.

Isaiah West Visit

The Buckeyes' Pursuit

Currently ranked second in the 2025 recruiting class, Ohio State is actively targeting elite recruits to bolster its roster. The running back position is key, especially with key players set to leave for the NFL after this season. The visit of Isaiah West presents a golden opportunity for the Buckeyes to secure a commitment from a talented back.

Isaiah West: By the Numbers

- Ranked No. 11 among running backs nationally by 247Sports
- St. Joseph's Prep team record: 13-1, winning the PIAA Class 6A state championship
- West rushed for 861 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2023

Key Dates

1. June 1st: Official visit to Wisconsin
2. June 14th-16th: Official visit to Ohio State

Other Notable Visitors

In addition to West, Ohio State has scheduled several high-profile official visits this summer. Keep an eye out for Minnesota commit Emmanuel Karmo and four-star wide receiver Phillip Bell, both expected to explore what the Buckeyes have to offer.

What's at Stake

Ohio State's recruitment efforts are crucial as they aim to maintain their top national class status. Securing commitments from prospects like Isaiah West will enhance their competitive edge and solidify their position as a powerhouse in college football.


As the second weekend in June approaches, all eyes will be on Columbus. Buckeye fans eagerly await news of West's visit, hoping it will lead to a commitment that strengthens their already impressive recruiting class.

Stay tuned for updates as we follow Isaiah West's journey to Ohio State!

Isaiah West (Class of 2025) Postgame Interview - St. Joseph's Prep vs. La Salle

5/25/2024 4:02:24 PM
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Keenan Nelson Jr. Commits to Ohio State: A Boost for the Buckeyes

In an exciting move, former South Carolina defensive back Keenan Nelson Jr. has transferred to Ohio State for 2024. The OSU safety room just got a great addition, as Nelson brings experience and talent to Columbus.

Keenan Nelson Jr

The four-star recruit from Philadelphia’s St. Joseph’s Prep, Nelson made his mark in South Carolina. In two years, he played in 15 games, he made 13 tackles, one tackle for loss and one pass breakup. He also blocked a punt against Vanderbilt, showing his special teams' versatility.

Nelson now joins a defensive back group that includes Lathan Ransom, Caleb Downs, Malik Hartford, Jaden Bonsu, Jaylen McClain and Leroy Roker. He is prepared to make an impact on the Buckeyes defense with three years of college eligibility remaining.

Check back for more updates on the 2024 season!

5/17/2024 7:40:26 PM
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Rose Bowl Stadium Announces Public Dedication for Archie Griffin Statue

Big news for college football fans! The legendary Rose Bowl Stadium is honoring one of its absolute greats, Archie Griffin. They're throwing a statue dedication ceremony on his behalf on Saturday, August 17th at 11 am, and guess what? It's open to the public!


Celebrating a Two-Time Heisman Trophy Winner

Archie Griffin, the only player in college football history to win the Heisman Trophy twice, will be immortalized with a stunning bronze statue. Griffin's remarkable achievements on the field have left an indelible mark on the sport, and this tribute is well-deserved.

A Legacy of Excellence

Griffin basically rewrote the record books. He dominated the field, and this statue is a long overdue tribute to his incredible talent. But it's not just about the Heisman's (although, wow, two!). Griffin was also part of the Rose Bowl Game (way back in 1990) and made it into the College Football Hall of Fame (in 1986, no big deal). Fun fact: he even started in four Rose Bowls in a row! The guy was unstoppable.

Legends Walk: A Fitting Tribute

The Rose Bowl isn't just stopping at the statue, though. They're creating a whole "Legends Walk" right next to it in the Court of Champions. This walk will be all about the 19 different Heisman Trophy winners who've played in the Rose Bowl over the years. From UCLA to Michigan, all sorts of schools will be represented, making it a cool tribute to college football history.

Marking the 50th Anniversary

This ceremony is happening for a reason – it's the 50th anniversary of Griffin's first Heisman win! So come on out and celebrate this college football legend with fellow fans, alumni, and anyone who appreciates greatness.

So, mark your calendars! On August 17, join us at the Rose Bowl Stadium as we pay tribute to a true legend. Archie Griffin's statue will stand tall, reminding us all of the magic that unfolds on the gridiron.

Let's take a look at what he's been up to since his playing days:

1. Business Ventures:
- Even though his pro career with the Bengals wasn't quite a touchdown, Griffin crushed it in the business world. He served on fancy boards for companies like Abercrombie & Fitch and even the National Football Foundation!

2. Legacy and Honors:
- Griffin's influence goes way beyond the gridiron. His old stomping ground, Ohio State University, even retired his jersey number!
- Additionally, Eastmoor Academy, where he played high school football, renamed their playing field as "Archie Griffin Field" as a tribute to his legacy.

3. Community Involvement:
- Griffin's a big believer in giving back to the community. He's involved in tons of great causes and has left a positive mark on everyone around him.

4. Personal Life:
- While we don't know too much about his personal life, one thing's for sure: Archie Griffin continues to inspire others with his character, leadership, and dedication.

5/12/2024 7:27:40 PM
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Jordan Davison: A Rising Star on Ohio State's Radar

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The OSU Buckeyes are gearing up for the 2024 college football season but recruiting for 2025, and their recruiting efforts are underway. One name that has caught the attention of fans and pundits is Jordan Davison, a top four star running back from Mater Dei High School in California.


The Talent

At 5-foot-11 and 220 pounds, Davison was tearing up the high school football scene. So far in his career, he has rushed for an impressive 2,364 yards and scored 31 touchdowns.His combination of power, speed and vision has college coaches drooling, and Ohio State is no exception.

Crystal Ball Predictions

Two 247Sports experts have already logged crystal ball predictions in favor of Ohio State landing Davison. Predictions indicate that the Buckeyes have a good start in their recruitment efforts. With new running back coach Carlos Locklyn at the helm, Ohio State is making a strong case for Davison to join their ranks.

The Columbus Visit

Davison recently visited Columbus unofficially to get a feel for the campus and meet with the coaching staff. His commitment to the Buckeyes was forecasted after this visit, and fans are eagerly awaiting his decision. He's set to return to Ohio State on June 11 for another unofficial visit, citing the positive environment and strong relationships with the coaches as key factors.

Recruiting Landscape

Ohio State has issued offers to a total of 16 running backs in the 2025 class. Drafting Davison is crucial for the Buckeyes, they are pulling out all the stops to secure his commitment. His ratings speak for themselves: he is a four-star recruit according to On3, 247Sports and ESPN, and Rivals also rates him as a five-star prospect.


Watch Jordan Davison as the 2025 season approaches. If the Crystal Ball predictions hold true, he could be a game-changer for the Buckeye offense shortly. The Buckeyes hope to add this run of talent to their already impressive 2025 recruiting class. Stay tuned for updates, and remember: GoBucks!

Jordon Davison: Nation's top running back talks Ohio State and more. Will he leave the West Coast?

5/3/2024 8:18:01 PM
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Local Buckeye Makes Good: Michael Hall Jr. Joins the Browns!

Remember back in the day, when the whole city buzzed about the NFL Draft? Well, this year was no different! Browns fans were practically glued to their TVs, waiting to see who would join the team. Among the future stars waiting to hear their names was Ohio State's very own Michael Hall Jr., a defensive tackle with moves that would make legends jealous.


The Draft Day Moment

Sure enough, the Browns snatched him up in the second round! At pick number 54, they grabbed Hall Jr., showing everyone they believe he's gonna be a game-changer. This Ohio State standout wowed scouts with his lightning-fast starts off the line, hands that could swat a fly at 50 paces, and a relentless drive to chase down quarterbacks. Browns fans everywhere were pumped, already picturing Hall causing chaos for rival teams in the AFC North.

Scouting Report

This guy isn't all about stats on paper, though. Hall Jr. is built like a brick house, standing at 6'3" and tipping the scales at 305 pounds. Plus, his wingspan is crazy long, and he can run a 40-yard dash faster than most people can run for the bus! Beyond the physical attributes, his dedication really sets him apart. Hall Jr. puts in the work and never gives up – that's what makes him a true star.

From Buckeye to Brown

Before becoming a Brown, Hall Jr. was a Buckeye, honing his skills and dominating offensive lines at Ohio State. His talent for shutting down plays and collapsing pockets on quarterbacks didn't go unnoticed by the NFL, and now he's trading his scarlet and gray for the Browns' orange and brown. He's joining a defense that's hungry to win, and Browns fans are hyped to see him suit up.

What's Next for Michael Hall Jr?

Of course, going pro is a whole new ball game. The NFL is tough, and it takes more than just talent to make it. Hall Jr. will need to be mentally strong and ready to adapt to anything thrown his way. But judging by his college career, this is one player who's more than ready to step up and make a name for himself.

4/26/2024 9:48:43 PM
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Ohio State basketball coaches in 2024: Simons and Justus Added

The Ohio State Buckeyes are looking forward to the 2024-25 season, and there is a buzz in the air with new players being added and a new coaching staff! The auditorium will be electric, with classic scarlet and grey everywhere you look. But there's a new wrinkle this year – let's meet the fresh faces calling the shots for the Buckeyes!


Jake Diebler: The Man in Charge

Taking the lead is Jake Diebler, the new interim head coach. Coach Holtmann might be gone, but Diebler's here to stay, not just fill a spot. You can practically feel his love for the game, and he's got that true Ohio State spirit that makes you want to jump in and play yourself.

Diebler's not going it alone though. Joining him as assistant coach is Luke Simons. Simons has been coaching in college for eight years, but that's not all!

Luke Simons: The International Connector

Luke Simons joins Diebler's staff as an assistant coach. With eight years of collegiate experience and another seven globetrotting, Simons brings a worldly perspective. He's been everywhere—Boston College, College of Charleston, and most recently, Baylor. At Baylor, he helped steer the ship to 47 wins and NCAA Tournament success. But it's not just about Xs and Os for Simons; it's about connecting with players. His versatility and international flair make him a valuable asset.

Joel Justus: The Final Four Alchemist

And there's more! Joel Justus, our associate head coach, knows what it takes to dance in March. Rounding out the coaching staff is newcomer Justus. Fresh off a thrilling Final Four run with N.C. State, Justus brings that hunger for competition to Columbus. His training chops are battle-tested, and he's got the scars (metaphorical, of course) to prove it. Expect him to pull some magic on the sidelines, pulling off plays that will get fans on their feet. With this staff in charge of the team development and play calling, the Buckeyes are poised for a great season in 2024-25!

Transitions That Dribble Smoothly

As the Buckeyes transition from one era to the next, these coaches are the glue. They're the ones who'll turn timeouts into game-changing adjustments, who'll celebrate buzzer-beaters and console after tough losses. Their passion will ignite the Schottenstein Center, and their dedication will fuel the Buckeyes' quest for glory.

4/12/2024 7:11:40 PM
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Meechie Johnson Returns to Ohio State: A Homecoming Story

Who woulda thunk it? Meechie Johnson is back in his home state of Ohio! After ballin' out for the South Carolina Gamecocks for two years, Johnson's coming back to the Buckeyes for his senior season. Looks like Ohio State just got a major boost to their team!


The Timeline for Meechie Johnson

Meechie Johnson strutted onto the Ohio State court four years ago like he owned the place. Total "here-comes-trouble" vibes, right? But hold on, let's back up a sec. Imagine this: a super-tall (6'2" to be exact) point guard fresh outta Garfield Heights High near Cleveland. Problem was, he'd just torn his ACL and missed his entire junior year. Life can be a real jerk sometimes, but Meechie wasn't about to just chill on the sidelines.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Ohio State, led by Coach Chris Holtmann, saw something special in young Meechie. They dangled an opportunity in front of him—one that most high school seniors could only dream of. With the NCAA granting an extra year of eligibility due to pandemic-empty arenas, Meechie graduated early and suited up for the Buckeyes midseason. Talk about a whirlwind entry! Johnson played 17 games as a freshman, averaging a mere 5.8 minutes per contest. Yeah, it was a slow burn.

Year two saw a slight uptick in production—4.4 points in 17.7 minutes—but the shooting percentages were more cringe-worthy than a missed free throw. Still, he did hit a clutch game-winner against Seton Hall, so there's that.

The Transfer Portal Shuffle

Things didn't go as planned for Meechie in his first two years at Ohio State. Remember, this is the same guy who tore it up at Garfield Heights High School? Yeah, he was a big deal coming in, but life happens.

Seeing an opportunity elsewhere, Meechie opted to explore his options. With Ohio State bringing in a stacked freshman class of guards like Bruce Thornton and Roddy Gayle, the playing time picture wasn't looking too pretty. He entered the transfer portal and landed down south with the South Carolina Gamecocks. That's where he truly found his stride. Meechie averaged 12.7 points a game in his first year with the Gamecocks, and his passing was fire!

This past season, Johnson turned up the heat. Meechie put on a show for The Gamecocks, leading the team in scoring (14.1 points per game) and assists (2.9 per game). He even shot a career-best 39.9% from the field. The Gamecocks had a fantastic season, going 26-7 before their run ended in the NCAA Tournament's opening round. So why transfer back?

Back to the Buckeye State

The Buckeye prodigal son returns! Meechie Johnson's decision to rejoin the Scarlet and Gray has fans buzzing with excitement. Teaming up with Bruce Thornton in the backcourt, they could form a dynamic scoring duo. Coach Diebler must be ecstatic – adding Meechie's firepower is like getting the holy grail of candy bars for his squad.

4/4/2024 5:21:31 PM
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Elbert Hill: The Buckeye Hopeful from Akron Hoban

In the heart of Akron, Ohio, where Friday night lights illuminate the gridiron, Albert Hill stands tall—literally and metaphorically. The 5-foot-10 Hill out of Akron Hoban High School has caught the attention of Ohio State and many college football coaches and scouts.


The Buckeye Connection

Before Elbert even stepped onto the high school football field, the Buckeyes recognized his potential. During a booming summer camp, he showcased his skills and left no doubt that he belongs in the conversation of elite prospects. Interested in talent, the Buckeyes extended a deal to Elbert, and he hasn’t looked back since.

The Blossoming Star

As a sophomore, Albert Hill surprised fans and opponents alike. His sophomore season at Hoban was far beyond impressive. With every interception, every bone-crushing tackle, he proved that the Buckeyes trusted him. The kind of faith that whispers, "You're destined for greatness."

The Numbers Game

Elbert's stats tell a compelling story: 175 pounds of sheer determination, over 24 scholarship offers from powerhouse programs like Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oregon, Tennessee, and USC. Not too shabby for an unranked player, right? But here's the kicker: Elbert's talent is like a pressure cooker—it's building up, ready to explode onto the national scene. Recently received a Crystal Ball prediction of selecting Ohio state for 2025.

Keeping the Talent at Home

Ohio State isn't just about winning games; it's about nurturing homegrown talent. Coach Tim Walton, the Buckeyes' defensive backs guru, knows this well. He's been locking down commitments from top-ranked cornerbacks left and right. And now, Elbert Hill is squarely in their crosshairs. The Buckeyes want him to don the scarlet and gray, to be part of something bigger than himself—a legacy etched in Buckeye lore.

What Lies Ahead

Elbert's journey is just beginning. The recruiting carousel will spin faster, and the spotlight will shine brighter. But one thing's for sure: Ohio State won't let this gem slip away. They'll wine and dine him, show him the Horseshoe, and whisper tales of Archie Griffin and Eddie George. And Elbert? Well, he'll listen, nod, and dream of Saturdays in the Shoe, where legends are born.

So, Buckeye faithful, keep your eyes peeled for Elbert Hill. He is not just a name; That’s the promise—the promise of a stop, a deterrent, a heart-stopping moment. And when he steps on that pitch, remember he’s not just playing for himself; He plays for all of us who bleed red and white.

3/29/2024 4:42:24 PM
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