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The Intriguing Journey of Eric Mensah: From Virginia Tech to Ohio State

In an unexpected turn of events, Ohio State's 2024 recruiting class welcomed a promising addition to its defensive line. Eric Mensah, a dynamic defensive end hailing from Mountain View High School in Virginia, made a significant decision on a Friday that sent ripples through the college football community. Mensah, ranked as the nation's No.802 player and the No.37 edge rusher, made the bold move of flipping his commitment from Virginia Tech to Ohio State.


Eric Mensah: A Rising Defensive Star

Hailing from the vibrant high school football scene in Virginia, Mensah's journey began amidst the camaraderie and fervor of Friday night lights. Growing up in the heart of Virginia, Mensah displayed an early penchant for football. Little did he know that years later, he would be the one donning the scarlet and gray.

The Flipped Commitment

It's a decision that mirrors his approach on the field - bold, calculated, and unafraid to challenge the status quo. As Mensah steps onto the field in Ohio Stadium, he carries with him the dreams of a young boy who once watched in awe as his football heroes made history.

Mensah's Reasons Behind the Flip

Personal connections, coaching staff dynamics, and the appeal of playing for a powerhouse program like Ohio State all likely played a role in Mensah's ultimate decision. The allure of Ohio State's storied football program, steeped in a tradition of excellence, proved irresistible for Mensah.

As Columbus, Ohio becomes the new backdrop for Mensah's gridiron aspirations, the bustling city's vibrant culture and passionate fan base eagerly await the arrival of this dynamic talent. The Horseshoe, with its iconic scarlet and gray, stands as a cathedral of football, where dreams are realized and legends are born.

As the scarlet and gray faithful eagerly await Mensah's debut, there's a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement for the impact he's bound to make. In Mensah, Ohio State has not just gained a player, but a determined young man with a story that's just beginning.

9/15/2023 5:08:15 PM
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Brandon Caesar: A Rising Defensive Line Star in Ohio State's Sights

Coach Ryan Day and his team are hard at work, striving to secure one of the most coveted prospects for the class of 2025: Brandon Caesar. Just yesterday, Ohio State University made a significant move by extending an offer to Brandon Caesar.

Brandon Caesar

Among them, emerges a name that has the potential to redefine the defensive line scene for the Ohio State Buckeyes - Brandon Caesar. While the fervor of Buckeyes fans centers around the quarterback position, it's worth noting that Coach Ryan Day and his team are meticulously crafting a future powerhouse with recruits like Caesar.

Ranked as one of the top 15 prospects within the state of Ohio for the class of 2025, Caesar stands tall as a beacon of promise for the Buckeyes' defensive line. Attending Cleveland Heights High School, his dedication to the game has earned him the three-star recruit distinction.

According to the 247Sports Composite Rankings, he currently stands as the No. 42 defensive lineman, the 433rd overall prospect, and the 13th player in the state of Ohio.

Behind every successful athlete lies a story of trials and triumphs, and in Caesar's case, this narrative is no different. Like many young football players in Ohio, Brandon Caesar grew up with a deep passion for the game.

In the grand tapestry of college football, it's players like Brandon Caesar who hold the power to shape the destiny of teams. Coach Ryan Day recognizes this potential, and as the 2025 season looms on the horizon, all eyes will undoubtedly be on this rising star.

In the hallowed halls of Cleveland Heights High School, Caesar's legacy is being written with each powerful tackle and relentless pursuit of excellence. As he prepares to don the Scarlet and Gray, one can't help but feel the anticipation of witnessing a future icon in the making.

9/8/2023 8:29:17 PM
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Morrow Evans Long Snapper for 2024

The Ohio State Buckeyes and Coach Ryan Day have achieved a feat by securing the commitment of Long Snapper Morrow Evans. From Episcopal High School in Texas, Evans has earned the title of 2024 All-American, a testament to his level of skill and dedication. Evans joins the 2024 class for the Buckeyes.


In a significant powerhouse team building block for the future, Ohio State football has made a noteworthy addition to its 2024 recruiting class. Evans, a prominent name among the nation's top long snappers, has officially pledged to the Scarlet and Gray. Episcopal High School is in the football-rich town of Bellaire, Texas. Evans' decision to don the Buckeye jersey was unveiled in an announcement on a Saturday filled OSU excitement.

Amongst fierce competition from other colleges, Ole Miss and Texas A&M included, Evans stood firm in his commitment to Ohio State. He stated the team's legacy and their program outlook as reasons for his decision. While the limelight often evades long snappers in the grand realm of recruiting, it's worth noting that Evans is considered the second-best at his position the 2024 class according to Rubio Long Snapping.

His dedication highlights Ohio State's pursuit of excellence and the excitement of being part of OSU's football dynasty. As Ohio State prepares for the upcoming season, Evans' addition symbolizes the Buckeye football program's path to achievement.

Evans appears ready to deliver the snaps that will pave the way for future success. In 2023, Ohio State also acquired John Ferlmann from Boulder Creek Phoenix AZ to strengthen their long snapping position.

8/19/2023 1:37:17 PM
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Aaron Scott Jr Commits to Ohio State in Dramatic Event

In a thrilling moment for Ohio State fans, Aaron Scott Jr. from Springfield, Ohio, made a momentous announcement on Sunday, declaring his commitment to the Buckeyes for their 2024 class. With Michigan and Oregon vying for his talents, Scott chose to don the scarlet and gray jersey, becoming the latest addition to Ohio State's recruiting class. Standing tall at 6 feet and weighing in at 170 pounds, Scott's skills have earned him the distinguished title of the No. 5 cornerback and 52nd overall recruit in the 2024 cycle, as per the prestigious 247Sports Composite Rankings.


While the Buckeyes' recruiting trail faced its share of challenges so far this cycle, Sunday evening brought the much-awaited redemption with Scott's verbal commitment. The Ohio State faithful had reason to believe that this cornerback prodigy might lean their way, as he decided to make his commitment on his father's birthday, knowing that his dad is a devoted fan of the Buckeyes. Nevertheless, during the process, Scott kept fans and analysts alike guessing, unsure if he would end up in Ann Arbor, Columbus, or Eugene, Oregon.

Aaron Scott Jr Commitment Event

The excitement reached its peak as Aaron Scott Jr. orchestrated a clever reveal on his Instagram account. Sitting at a table adorned with hats and backpacks from each of his top three choices, Oregon, Michigan, and Ohio State, he played with suspense by emitting smoke from underneath the table. As the smoke cleared, he emerged wearing a University of Michigan hat and backpack, leaving everyone momentarily stunned. But then, with a flair for the dramatic, Scott swiftly swapped the Michigan gear for the cherished Ohio State garb, sparking jubilation among Buckeye supporters.

Why Ohio State

"I had great experiences with all three schools, and they all made me feel special. However, I knew in my heart that I'm the one who's gonna bring B.I.A. back," Aaron Scott exclaimed as he explained his choice for Ohio State. He was recruited by Tim Walton for the Buckeyes and visited at the end of June. Visits to Michigan and Oregon happened the 2 weeks prior to the Columbus Ohio date. We assume Scott is calling the Buckeyes the "Best in American" when has talks about BIA.

Ohio State 2024 Class

Hailing from Springfield High School in Ohio, Scott followed in the illustrious footsteps of fellow standout athletes like four-star cornerback Bryce West (the No. 3 Ohio recruit) and four star Garrett Stover (ranked No. 2 in Ohio). With his commitment, Scott proudly joins the ranks of the Buckeyes' top-notch recruiting class of 2024, which already boasts the inclusion of four top-10 prospects from Ohio. Tight End Damarion Witten from Glenville Cleveland is the other top Ohio prospect set to enroll at Ohio State.
For Ohio State, securing the commitment of this highly-ranked cornerback marks a significant win and bolsters their prospects for the future. Buckeye fans can now eagerly anticipate watching Aaron Scott Jr. shine on the field, defending their team's colors and contributing to the triumphs that lie ahead.

7/31/2023 8:14:17 PM
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Ohio State Lands Coveted Cornerback Prospect Miles Lockhart

In a thrilling turn of events, cornerback sensation Miles Lockhart, heralded as one of the nation's most sought-after recruits, has made his college choice, opting to play for Ohio State. Brace yourselves, Buckeye fans, as we delve into the significance of Lockhart's decision and the profound impact it will have on Ohio State's defensive prowess.

It was during the memorable Friday night dinner, amidst his official visit, that four-star cornerback Miles Lockhart revealed his intention to join the ranks of Ohio State's storied football program. The anticipation surrounding Lockhart's commitment reached its zenith on Thursday, when he publicly declared his allegiance to the Buckeyes.


This monumental acquisition is nothing short of a coup for Ohio State. The acquisition of Lockhart, widely regarded as one of the nation's premier recruits, injects an unparalleled wealth of talent and skill into the heart of Ohio State's defensive line. With such a significant addition, the future success of the team is poised for a meteoric rise. The Buckeyes' 2024 recruiting class on the defensive front continues to flourish, and the latest feather in their cap comes in the form of Miles Lockhart, hailing from Basha High School in Arizona.

Miles Lockhart Commits to Ohio State: A Game-Changer for the Buckeyes' Defense

Ohio State has struck gold with the commitment of four-star cornerback prodigy Miles Lockhart, a rising star from Arizona's football landscape. The announcement that Buckeye fans have been feverishly anticipating has finally arrived: cornerback Miles Lockhart, a highly coveted recruit with a reputation that precedes him, has pledged his allegiance to Ohio State. The impact of Lockhart's arrival on the Buckeyes' defensive unit cannot be overstated. His arrival is a resounding victory for Ohio State, solidifying their standing as a premier destination for elite football talent.

Ohio State Secures Top-Tier Cornerback Prospect

Inching ever closer to their goal for the 2024 recruiting class, Tim Walton, the esteemed Ohio State University cornerback coach, has successfully added another exceptional player to bolster the Buckeyes' cornerback room. The commitment of Miles Lockhart, the nation's most sought-after cornerback recruit, marks a monumental achievement in the realm of college football recruiting. Lockhart's decision to join the Buckeyes' ranks adds an emphatic boost to their defensive capabilities. Without a doubt, this resounding victory firmly establishes Ohio State as the go-to destination for top-tier football talent, with the ramifications of Lockhart's arrival set to reverberate through the annals of Buckeye history.

Lockhart's Decision Ushers in a New Era of Defensive Dominance

With the arrival of Miles Lockhart, the Buckeyes' defensive unit has undeniably been bolstered. Lockhart's reputation as one of the nation's premier recruits is well-earned, and his skill and talent are second to none. By choosing Ohio State, Lockhart has cemented the university's status as the ultimate haven for elite football talent. The positive implications of his commitment for the team's future success cannot be overstated. As Lockhart takes his rightful place on the roster, the Buckeyes' defense becomes an even more formidable force, ensuring their continued dominance on the field.

Exploring Lockhart's Choice: The Buckeyes Win Big

Miles Lockhart's decision to don the Ohio State jersey has been a topic of intense speculation, given the slew of offers he received from top football programs across the nation. Ultimately, Lockhart's selection of Ohio State was influenced by a variety of factors, including the university's rich football heritage, the coaching staff's proven track record in nurturing top-tier talent, and the unparalleled opportunity to contend for championships. Lockhart's commitment serves as a testament to Ohio State's ability to attract and retain the crème de la crème of recruits, and it is sure to have a profound impact on the team's success in the upcoming seasons. The anticipation surrounding Lockhart's on-field exploits has reached a fever pitch, as fans and analysts alike eagerly await his contributions to Ohio State's defense.

7/6/2023 10:07:45 PM
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Ohio State Lands Top Recruit: Cornerback Bryce West Commits

Hey there, Buckeye fans! We've got some fantastic news to share with you today. Ohio State has just secured a major recruit that will undoubtedly bolster our team's defense. Cornerback Bryce West has made the exciting decision to commit to Ohio State, and we couldn't be more thrilled about this addition to the Buckeyes' roster.


Bryce West, a highly talented cornerback, has earned his spot as the No. 4 cornerback in his class and the No. 49 player overall, according to the 247Sports composite rankings. The battle for his commitment came down to our beloved Buckeyes and our biggest rival, Michigan. But luckily for us, West ultimately chose to don the Scarlet and Gray. This is a significant win for Ohio State and a testament to the hard work of our coaching staff in securing such a highly sought-after player.

Why Bryce West Is Important for Ohio State

Now, let's talk about why Bryce West is such an important addition to our team. He's been a top target for us in the 2024 cycle, and we've successfully checked off all the boxes we had in mind for this recruiting season. His commitment further strengthens our secondary, and with his exceptional skills, we can expect him to make a substantial impact on the field. As a top-five cornerback, West brings a level of talent and expertise that will undoubtedly elevate our defensive performance.

Ryan Day In State Success

Furthermore, this recruiting victory against Michigan adds an extra layer of satisfaction. Not only do we get to benefit from West's abilities, but we also prevent our rival from having him in their lineup. Standing tall at 6 feet and weighing 185 pounds, West will now be the one blanketing opposing receivers, much to the delight of Buckeye fans everywhere. It's worth mentioning that this is the sixth consecutive cycle where Ohio's No. 1 player has chosen to join our team, showcasing the consistent success of Coach Ryan Day and his recruiting efforts.

6/24/2023 2:01:19 PM
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Ohio State's 2024 Recruiting Class: How Jaylen McClain Elevates the Defense

Ohio State's 2024 recruiting class has received a significant boost with the recent addition of Jaylen McClain. This highly talented player is expected to make a major impact on the team's defense, enhancing their performance on the field. Let's delve into what makes McClain such a valuable asset to Ohio State's defensive unit.

In June, Ohio State's official visits paid off as they secured a commitment from Jaylen McClain, hailing from Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey. While the 2024 recruiting class has primarily focused on offensive players, McClain becomes the third defensive commitment, marking an important shift in addressing defensive needs. His commitment also rekindles Ohio State's success in recruiting safeties from a recent hotbed. McClain joins the ranks as the 14th member of Ohio State's 2024 class, and notably, the 6th player from outside the state of Ohio.

Jaylen McClain solidified his commitment to the Buckeyes after numerous crystal ball predictions favored his choice to join Ohio State. Undoubtedly, the official visit played a pivotal role in sealing the deal for McClain to become part of the highly anticipated 2024 recruiting class.


Meet Jaylen McClain: A Game-Changing Addition to Ohio State's Defense.

Ohio State's 2024 recruiting class has received a significant boost with the arrival of Jaylen McClain. Possessing exceptional defensive skills, McClain is poised to make a substantial impact on the team and elevate their performance on the field. His speed, agility, and defensive prowess are sure to be instrumental in reshaping Ohio State's defense in the years to come. Let's delve deeper into what makes McClain a game-changing addition to the team.

Impressive Stats and Field Skills Showcased by McClain.

Jaylen McClain boasts remarkable stats and skills on the football field. He has a keen ability to read the offense and swiftly make decisive plays that disrupt the opposing team's game plan. McClain's speed and agility make him a formidable opponent for any offense, while his strong defensive capabilities make him a valuable asset for any team. With his talent and unwavering dedication, McClain is poised to elevate Ohio State's defense to unprecedented heights in the coming seasons.

McClain's Role within Ohio State's Defensive Strategy.

Ohio State's defensive strategy heavily relies on speed, agility, and quick decision-making. In this regard, Jaylen McClain fits perfectly into the team's approach. His impressive on-field skills enable him to anticipate offensive plays and make prompt, calculated moves, keeping Ohio State's defense one step ahead of their adversaries. Additionally, McClain's speed and agility allow him to cover significant ground on the field, making it arduous for opposing offenses to make substantial progress. Overall, McClain's inclusion in Ohio State's 2024 recruiting class significantly bolsters the team's defensive strategy.

The Impact of McClain's Recruitment on Ohio State's Future.

With the addition of Jaylen McClain to Ohio State's 2024 recruiting class, the team's future looks incredibly promising. McClain's impressive on-field skills render him a valuable asset to the team's defensive strategy, which heavily emphasizes speed, agility, and quick decision-making. His ability to anticipate offensive maneuvers and make swift, calculated plays will keep Ohio State's defense ahead of their opponents. Furthermore, McClain's speed and agility will allow him to cover substantial ground on the field, impeding opposing offenses' progress. All in all, McClain's recruitment stands as a major triumph for Ohio State's future success on the gridiron.

6/12/2023 8:40:45 PM
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What You Need to Know About Ohio State's Newest Running Back, Jordan Lyle

Get the inside scoop on Ohio State's newest running back, Jordan Lyle. Learn what to expect from this talented athlete and how he'll contribute to the team.

Ohio State's football team has just gained a new player, running back Jordan Lyle. With his impressive speed and agility, Lyle is expected to make a significant impact on the team's performance. Here's what you can expect from this talented athlete.

Jordan Lyle from Florida's St. Thomas Aquinas High School was the final pledge youtubOhio State received in April. There were already two running back commitments in the 2024 recruiting class, so it didn't appear that Ohio State would sign another. Jordan Lyle committed to the Buckeyes two weeks ago despite having other plans.

Jordan Lyle

On April 29, Jordan Lyle made a commitment to the Buckeyes. According to recruiting services, the 6-foot-1, 180-pound running back is among the best in the nation, ranking 27th at his position and 320th overall. Once more, Tony Alford has succeeded. Jordan Lyle, a four-star running back commitment from Florida, helped Ohio State complete its recruiting for running backs for 2024.

Who is Jordan Lyle?

Jordan Lyle, a highly coveted recruit, is Ohio State's newest running back and joins the squad. Lyle, a native of Texas, has been causing a stir in the football world thanks to his amazing speed and agility. Fans are eagerly awaiting his field debut as they believe he will add a new level of brilliance and skill to the Ohio State team.

What are his strengths as a running back?

Jordan Lyle is known for his impressive speed and agility on the field, making him a formidable opponent for any defense. He's also a versatile player, able to make quick cuts and change direction on a dime. Lyle has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to improving his skills, which will undoubtedly make him a valuable asset to the Ohio State team. Fans can expect to see him making big plays and racking up yards on the field in the upcoming season.

How does he fit into Ohio State's offensive scheme?

Jordan Lyle is the ideal fit for Ohio State's high-tempo offensive system due to his speed and agility. He can go by defenses and create big plays because to his fast cuts and ability to change directions suddenly. Lyle is a significant asset due to his versatility because he can produce as a receiver and runner. The Ohio State offense will undoubtedly benefit from Lyle's outstanding work ethic and commitment to developing his abilities in the upcoming season.

What are his goals for the upcoming season?

Jordan Lyle has set high goals for himself and his team for the upcoming season. He wants to help lead Ohio State to a national championship and hopes to contribute as much as possible to the team's success. Lyle also wants to improve his own skills and become a more well-rounded player, focusing on his pass-catching abilities and pass protection. With his determination and talent, there's no doubt that Lyle will be a key player to watch in the upcoming season.

5/12/2023 2:53:16 PM
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Former Buckeyes Dawand Jones and Luke Wypler Join Cleveland Browns in NFL Draft

The Cleveland Browns have added two former Buckeye offensive linemen to their roster in the NFL Draft. Learn more about Dawand Jones and Luke Wypler here!

In the NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns have made significant moves, including signing two former Ohio State Buckeye offensive linemen. Dawand Jones and Luke Wypler are both gifted players who could have a major effect on the Browns' program. Find out more about these exciting draft picks and the benefits they offer the team.


Introduction to the Cleveland Browns' NFL Draft picks.

The Cleveland Browns have made a few energizing augmentations to their program in the 2023 NFL Draft, including two previous Ohio State Buckeye offensive linemen. Luke Wypler and Dawand Jones are both highly skilled players who have the potential to significantly contribute to the team's success this season. Let's examine these talented draft picks in greater detail and what they bring to the Browns.

Dawand Jones: A brief overview of his college career and strengths as a player.

Dawand Jones is a 6'8", 374-pound tackle who played for the Ohio State Buckeyes from 2019-2022. During his time at college, he started 27 games and was known for his impressive size and strength on the field. Jones has the size and power to overwhelm defenders and is a dominant run blocker. He is also a versatile offensive lineman thanks to his quick feet and agility for his size. With his size and range of abilities, Jones can possibly be an important resource for the Cleveland Browns' line.

Luke Wypler: A brief overview of his college career and strengths as a player.

The Cleveland Browns selected Ohio State Buckeye offensive lineman Luke Wypler in the 2023 NFL Draft. Wypler, who played center for the Buckeyes, was well-known on the field for his strength and physicality. During his time at Ohio State, he started 26 games and was a key member of the offensive line. Wypler has good pass protection technique and is a powerful run blocker. He likewise has great mindfulness and football intelligence level, making him a solid player on the field. With his range of abilities and potential, Wypler an affects the Cleveland Browns' line.

How the Browns plan to utilize Jones and Wypler in their offensive line.

The Cleveland Browns have added two previous Buckeye offensive linemen to their program in the 2023 NFL Draft - Dawand Jones and Luke Wypler. Jones is a massive offensive tackle who weighs 374 pounds and is 6'8" tall. He was known for his size and strength on the field during Ohio State's 28 games. Jones could be a valuable addition to the Browns' offensive line and has the potential to be a dominant force in the NFL. Regarding Wypler, he is a versatile player who is capable of playing both guard and center. With his range of abilities and potential, Wypler an affects the Browns' line too. The Browns intend to use both Jones and Wypler to reinforce their line and give better security to their quarterback.

4/29/2023 5:08:33 PM
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Get Ready for the Ohio State 2023 Spring Game in Columbus

It's time for the Ohio State 2023 Spring Game in Columbus! Get your tickets and prepare for a fun-filled day of football and fanfare.

Football fans, get ready for the Ohio State 2023 Spring Game in Columbus! This exciting event is a chance to see the Buckeyes in action and get a sneak peek at the upcoming season. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just looking for a fun day out, this game is sure to deliver. Get your tickets now and join in on the excitement!


When is the Ohio State 2023 Spring Game?

The Ohio State 2023 Spring Game is an upcoming event that football fans won't want to miss! The game is scheduled to take place on April 15, 2023, at Ohio Stadium in Columbus. Make sure to mark your calendars and get your tickets early to secure your spot at this exciting event. Go Buckeyes!

Where is the Ohio State 2023 Spring Game being held?

Ohio Stadium in Columbus will host the Ohio State 2023 Spring Game. Since 1922, Ohio State football has played in this famous stadium, which has more than 100,000 seats. Because it is the ideal setting for this exciting event, get your tickets early to guarantee a seat in the stands. Go Buckeyes!

Players to Watch

WR Carnell Tate
TE Jelani Thurman
CB Davison Igbinosun and Cameron Martinez
S Sonny Styles
OL Carson Hinzman
DL Kenyatta Jackson and Caden Curry

2024 Visitors

Commit WR Jeremiah Smith
Commit OT Ian Moore
Commit OL Devontae Armstrong
Commit OL Deontae Armstrong
Commit OL Marc Nave
Commit WR Mylan Graham
Commit LB Garrett Stover

DT Jayden Jackson
DE Jamonta Waller
OT Ryan Howerton
WR Joshisa Trader
RB Sam Williams-Dixon
TE Damarion Witten
RB DeJuan Williams
LB Booker Pickett
DB Corian Gipson
CB Ify Obideqwu
OT Mercer Luniewski
OL Charlton Luniewski
S Reggie Powers

How can I purchase tickets for the Ohio State 2023 Spring Game?

You can buy tickets for the Ohio State 2023 Spring Game through the Ohio State Sports site or by calling the Ohio State Games Ticket Office. Tickets normally go at a bargain a while before the game, so make certain to really look at the site or pursue email notices to keep awake to-date on ticket accessibility. Don't miss out on this exciting occasion and the chance to personally support the Buckeyes!

What can I expect at the Ohio State 2023 Spring Game?

The Ohio State 2023 Spring Game is a highly anticipated event for Buckeye fans. You can expect to see the team showcase their skills in a scrimmage game, giving fans a sneak peek at what's to come in the upcoming season. There will also be plenty of fanfare, including tailgating, live music, and other fun activities. It's a great opportunity to connect with other Buckeye fans and show your support for the team. Don't forget to wear your scarlet and gray!

4/14/2023 4:52:04 PM
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